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What The Fuck Was This?

Alright if you want to make video reviews of Video Games then go to YouTube. Now then these two are just plain out annoying... I wasn't entertained at all by their review. It was stupid... annoying and just plain out wrong. I don't know if I was watching a review or two hyperactive "kids." I know my review sounds abusive, but there is nothing good that can be said about this "flash."

|| Points Disabled ||

Very Informative

Nicely done I must say, you did a nice job on this, however in 2004 you forgot when Newgrounds was renamed to Numagrounds for the Numa Numa Dance. Your artwork and animation was good, but my one complaint was narration, you sounded quite boring.

|| Good Points ||
*Good Animation
*Good Artwork
*Great Story

|| Bad Points ||
*Narration was Boring (Sound Point)

Insanimation responds:

Thanks, but the narration as actually Nerky, the co-author....And I didn't have to put in EVERYTHING about Newgrounds...I didn't include Alien Hominid at all either, nor Clocks, Locks, Socks, Cocks or Rocks...

Um... What?

Okay, what was the point? All I saw was some guy's huge dick and possibly himself sticking a cigarette in the hole in his dick. Alright, well first off you have done a very nice job on Artwork and animation, however your story was way too short. You also made a very nice choice in music as well.

|| Good Points ||
*Great Artwork
*Good Animation
*Great Sound

|| Bad Points ||
*Bad Story
*Way Too Short

Buzzwerd responds:

I didn't think you'd actually review this... I made it 10 minutes. Oh well, thanks I guess? Hilarious how you gave it a 7.

All Great Ones


An outstanding performance by many great Newgrounds Artists. My personal favorite has always been mraw's Turtle with a Rocket Pack. The artwork and animation is superb in every detail, as with the simple Newgrounds loop. Every artist has done fantastic on this and nothing is left out.

|| Good Points ||
*Superb Artwork
*Superb Animation
*Masterful Sound

|| Bad Points ||

Some Improvements

I did enjoy this flash very much, however a few small tweaks. One would be the animation, it ran in a jittery movement, plus the animation was a bit too fast, slow it down just a bit. Plus your THE END subtitle is too high, lower it down. Also a preloader would've been nice as well as a replay button. Your artwork was nicely done and I love your concept, please make another one.

|| Good Points ||
*Great Artwork
*Good Animation
*Superb Sound
*Superb Story

|| Bad Points ||
*Basic-Flash Requirements
+ Pre-Loader
+ Replay Button
*THE END Subtitle - Lower It


Your sprite work was very well done, this wasn't too short at all, and the bloopers were also funny. I would like to see another Brother Battle in the near future. For this being your first flash, the animation was a bit slow, but it worked out well. The background music could've been louder, but it's all still good.

|| Good Points ||
*Good Animation
*Great Story
*Great Sprite Work

|| Bad Points ||
*Sound Too Low

Poor Jimmy...

Well let me start off by saying that I'm not going to unleash holy hell on this flash, because well, you've brought back the certain flavor that used to grace Newgrounds when Newgrounds just started out. I do believe you will improve over time and I did enjoy this and would love to see more from this Jimmy. Your artwork wasn't good, but there was enough to put the imagination to work, like Atari. It was random, but entertaining. I did enjoy it as well as the bit of music. Something fun to send to someone no doubt. I suggest you work on your drawing as well as making your next flash longer.

|| Good Points ||
*Good Story
*Great Sound
*Okay Animation
*Random (Funny)

|| Bad Points ||
*Bad Artwork
*Too Short

Pachira responds:

I used a graphics tablet on this one! The reason it's too short is because I couldn't be bothered to finish it.

C or B?

Well, first off I'm disabling all points due to this flash, I am in no mood to give an explanation and I don't think I have to. This is a sad attempt at another big thing, I must admit I voted 5 out of sheer humor, however C will never be what B be today.

|| Points Disabled ||

joza1 responds:

Disabling points? OK....
Thanxies for the 5 anyway, even though you don't like it.

Pretty Good

It was pretty good, however you need to fix some things. First off you might want to eliminate the Metal music for your intro and credits. Also a Preloader as well as Play and Replay buttons would serve well... plus you may want to work on the quality of the movie as well. Plus some light music in the background wouldn't serve to bad either. This was good, but could use improvements.

|| Good Points ||
*Great Story
*Okay Sound
*Good Artwork

|| Bad Points ||
*No Preloader

This isn't half bad

This was actually quite good. The pivot animations ran very well from beginning to end. The artwork was also very well done, not just the stick figures, but the blood and the machine guns. However the text bubbles and music choice was a bit off, work on that some more. Other than that you've got a nice decent flash.

|| Good Points ||
*Great Animation
*Great Artwork
*Good Story [Random]

|| Bad Points ||
*Bad Music
*Bad Text Bubbles

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