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Bravo Good Sir Bravo Indeed!

I see this reaching the frontpage very quickly indeed. The songs, the artwork, the animation all came together so smoothly! Plus the sheer randomness put into each and every short was just magnificent. In which that is what randomness is supposed to be... humor with no effort. Also each song gave each short its well deserved honor. I see a sequel in the future I really do.

|| Good Points ||
*Superb Artwork
*Superb Animation
*Superb Sound
*Superb Randomness

|| Bad Points ||

squeakytoad responds:

Yeah, I think this group of animators fits perfectly with Andrew's songs.
We're a pretty random lot and we were just kicking back and having fun with it, much like his awesome tunes.

Maybe we'll do more in the future, once he's had time to release a bunch of new ones (though there are still hundreds that remain unanimated). This was definitely a great experience.

Glad you enjoyed!

I'm Gonna Be Honest With You

This wasn't really good. You can do better with sprites than this. First off the music at the beginning that you chose was just horrible, I'm glad the rest of the music you chose was good. Also the first joke was funny, but could've used more of a punchline. Your second joke was okay not the funniest in the world. Your last joke was basically pitiful. This was far too short and was not given enough effort... I say you try again and then we'll see if it should be in the Mario collection.

|| Good Points ||
*Okay With Sprites
*Kind Of Funny

|| Bad Points ||
*Need Better Punchlines
*Too Short
*Sprites Need More Work
*Put More Care Into Picking Songs

Nickclick2 responds:

You said: "*Put More Care Into Picking Songs"

Really, I just had the sound too loud.


Very funny and very true. A creation such as this is great! The mild-mannered man and his plan that fails miserably. The animation was good, but it could've used color. Also the sounds of the office were great as well... and the guy walking up and watching, classic.

|| Good Points ||
*Very Funny
*Truth In Flash
*Great Sound
*Great Animation

|| Bad Points ||
*No Color

Very Nice

This was very nicely done, in fact you should think about turning this into a sort of game. The animation wasn't all that great, it was good, but could've used more work. Also Stick Figures fighting within this Tetris Deathtrap would've really been awesome, but this was still good either way around.

|| Good Points ||
*Nice Idea
*Good Animation
*Great Sound

|| Bad Points ||
*Could've Used More Work
*Done At A Slow Pace

IceyDrummer responds:

Ya i actually thought about that but i wanted certain people to die certain ways and i kind of killed them all off pretty early so i couldn't really have they fight but i decided that yellow and blue would work together til' blue wanted to go a different way...


Well it looks like the replica of the commercial with just you adding onto it, but then again your small part matches the artwork so I'm going to believe that you drew everything. Now then for the main thing of the flash... I was expecting something else out of this, but you pretty much used the same subliminal messaging that the drug companies and anti-drug companies used to make a spoof. If some of you actually missed it it was showing something stupid like a pirate and a ninja coming out of nowhere and killing the pothead due to the talking dog. It shows that no matter how you try to make an impact with an anti-drug commercial it's just going to look stupid in the end. Great job on this flash.

|| Good Points ||
*Subliminal Message Usage in Parody Form
*Great Story
*Superb Artwork (Parody Match)

|| Bad Points ||

Funny Shit!

Ha Ha Ha! This was funny and different from what your usually sickness. I must say I enjoyed this... it made me laugh. Although it was too short. Try making something funny, but longer.

|| Good Points ||
*Good Animation
*Good Sound

|| Bad Points ||
*Too Short


Your animation was very superb as was your voice acting skills. I will admit that it was somewhat short, but short isn't bad... in fact here it was a good thing. Also the bases of truth in which the Nintendo Wii is usually always sold out. Your sound on the screaming was a bit annoying, but then again anger isn't supposed to be happy.
I say you did a superb job on this flash and can only hope for more great work to come.

|| Good Points ||
*Superb Animation
*Superb Voice Acting
*Superb Sound

|| Bad Points ||

Hmm... a bit of advice to you...

Your handy work with sprites isn't bad I'll admit, but you really could've put more effort into this. Why not just use all sprites in your movie including castles, explosions, and such. Getting music from the audio portal was wise, but I suggest the classic Mario music for the beginning of the flash instead of just silence then busting into music with the Koopa. Your idea is great I enjoy your idea very much, but you need a better way of presenting it...

|| Good Points ||
*Handy with sprites
*Good Idea

|| Bad Points ||
*Just use more sprites
*More Effort

Well It's funny...

But this isn't YouTube. I suggest you put this on YouTube. This is Newgrounds, we want only Flash Animations here. Yes the Numa Numa Craze was fun and all and it was different from what we expected, but this is not what we need. I thank you for giving us something different to get us away from the animations, but please don't do it again.

|| Good Points ||
*Good for a video

|| Bad Points ||
*Belongs on YouTube

Not Bad...but not Good.

Okay I can get passed the whole Corneil & Bernie thing to review this flash fairly. Now then your stick figures aren't too bad, they could've used more work back then, but I do believe you've improved over time. I suggest writing your own material though or find a writer on Newgrounds to write your stuff for you, you shouldn't be taking characters from other shows unless you plan on making them into a very funny parody.

|| Good Points ||
*Okay stick figures
*Good Sound
*Okay Story
*Okay Animation

|| Bad Points ||
*Bad Artwork

bernie-buddy responds:

What part of OLD FLASH MOVIE did you not under stand?!

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