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Very Funny

Very random and very funny. The graphics weren't all that good, but it was funny nonetheless. It's be funny if someone actually had a bad day like this.

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I think I understand the plot. Kids thinking "oh yeah we're so cool."

Not really much of a plot, but still good for a flash. Decent anyways.


This brings back good memories. I loved playing this game so much! These bloopers were very funny and entertaining. Two thumbs way way up! By The Way where did you get the music from the game?

|| Good Points ||
*Awesome with sprites
*Awesome with sound

|| Bad Points ||

Dude that's pretty good.

This is pretty good. Don't pay attention to the sprite haters out there. I know that it takes time and effort to make sprite movies. This was pretty good, but you could've had a story behind it. Maybe you should think out your flash next time. I love the idea of Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi, on an adventure, but you need a reason why, you need a story.

|| Good Points ||
*Great with pixels
*Nice choice of music
*Could've been a little more humorous

|| Bad Points ||
*Needs a storyline

John12346 responds:

Thanks, but I don't use subtitles in my movies, so it would be pretty hard to make a storyline, so I try to let the action do the talking. However, after the recent success of Mario- The Time War, I'm kind of considering putting a storyline in with subtitles. I just don't use them because when you make the characters talk on your own, people seem like they're listening to the flash creator, and not the character, so I think it would be best to stay with voice .wavs and no subtitles.

I hope I didn't bore you; thanks for the review.


Kitty Krew...makes something decent!?!?

I can't believe I'm actually giving the Kitty Krew a high score. Sorry I didn't vote 5, but you just didn't have that last push. I did give you a 4 though. I think ya'll do better with collabs than other projects.

|| Good Points ||
*Graphics were great
*Sound was great
*This is actually decent KK material

|| Bad Points ||


It was freaky I'll give you that. Short, simple, and odd. Not much point to it, yet there is a point. You do know your flash skills though, and better than others out there.

|| Good Points ||
*Flash skills
*I honestly don't know

|| Bad Points ||
*Not much point to this flash
*I honestly don't know.

Not bad for a test.

Not bad for a test. You do good with the lipsyncing, I say you should first finish this flash to include the whole song, and continue making more music videos. Heck you can go to the Audio Portal and get a great song called Microwavable Meal, that'll be a challenge.

|| Good Points ||
*Good with lipsyncing
*Good with Animation
*Good with song choice
*Not bad for a test

|| Bad Points ||
*Needs to be finished

Carbonwater responds:

Everything has it's faults.

Very Amusing.

Very nicely done...maybe you should consider doing more sprite movies. Don't listen to the sprite haters, I know it takes effort into making sprite movies, plus this was funny and done pretty well for your first movie.

|| Good Points ||
*Great with Pixels
*Needs a sequel

|| Bad Points ||
*The screen was a bit small


Very good, very good indeed. I can't wait for the next episode to come out. Since this is a series and since it's the beginning episode I'm not going to say much about it until I see more of the episodes.

Pretty Good for a Beginner.

This isn't too shabby for a beginner. If you keep up your skills you could become the next Randy Solem or MajinPiccolo. Keep up the good work.

|| Good Points ||
*Not bad with Sprites for a beginner
*Not bad with sound for a beginner

|| Bad Points ||
*With more work you could excel

Glunnator responds:

Big words! And fair-enough scoring. Plus, you're absolutely right - More work is needed x3

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