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Whoa Bad...

Well, your sprite skills are good, but it seems when it comes to ideas and the times here on Newgrounds you're late. Now then for one the Numa Numa Craze is over, same with the jokes, plus I believe you've taken the idea from Robot Chicken or Skittles N' Bitz (in which Skittles N' Bitz is just Robot Chicken with Sprites). Plus you gave this the wrong title, this is just random sprites formed to try and be Skittles N' Bitz, not Bloopers. I think you need a writer to write your material for you... or you need to work harder on your concept of comedy.

|| Good Points ||
*Good with Sprites

|| Bad Points ||
*Wrong Title
*A Basic Ripoff of Skittles N' Bitz
*Not Funny

PaperBat responds:

Robot Chicken, Im A Huge fan, thats why i made this, Do YOU complain to the creaotr of Skittlez and Bits about ow he copys robot chicken?

Where Have I Seen This Before?

Oh yeah...well on a personal note I should tell you that your obsession over a cartoon show that nobody likes is unhealthy. Now then making a flash of just techno music and moving clip art with an annoying background is just spamming the portal with flash that people don't won't to see. Now then I've seen this before so let me refresh some people's memories... oh yeah Kitty Krew and Star Syndicate, except without the dicks. Come on man, try more!

|| Good Points ||

|| Bad Points ||
*Nothing but Animated Clip Art
*Annoying Music
*Like A Kitty Krew Flash

bernie-buddy responds:

I will have you know that "Corneil & Bernie" is a well liked cartoon, your review was abusive, and overall, you do not act mature enough, it is just a flash i made, in fact, it's the very first flash i submitted to newgrounds.


Well, for one thing I thought you decided to leave because YouTube is so much cooler than Newgrounds, but that aside I did enjoy this a small bit, seeing as it's so short there isn't much to enjoy. Your animation is very well done, even though it is stick figures you still give quality to your flash. I did enjoy the music to... but a different selection next time if you could. My only big complaint is that it was too short, and there is no sorry for it being too short, you either finish your work no matter how long it takes or you make it short due to laziness. I will be waiting to see improvements in your work in the later future. Now then you did say there wasn't a plot, and that's okay, not everything is supposed to have a plot, a small plot could be nice, but not needed.

|| Good Points ||
*Good Animation
*Music is Okay

|| Bad Points ||
*Too Short

Not Good

Your sprites need a lot of work, also animating the sprites will also need a lot of work. Plus make sure your reviewers have enough time to read the text. Your sound was also very bad, repeating again and again scene after scene. You need a lot of work on this and maybe even some advice. Try talking to Alvin-Earthworm, he can help you with your sprites.

|| Good Points ||

|| Bad Points ||
*Sprite Work
*Sound Needs Work
*Text Goes By To Fast

Greatness through Imagination

This sir has captivated not only my mind, but my soul as well. Music does entrap us all in a trance, and it's sad to see how some music is here one day and before you know it is gone. I like how you showed a small child with a great mind and gift play a piano through his troubled years, and at one point at the beginning when the homeless guy gave him money I was a bit confused, until I saw the end where he gave money to the kid playing guitar. I loved this flash, I suggest you not make a sequel or try to continue it in any way. Your artwork and sound matched perfectly with animation not giving it the cold shoulder either.

|| Good Points ||
*Superb Artwork
*Superb Music
*Superb Animation
*Perfect Storyline

|| Bad Points ||

For...Ebay? Myspace? Newgrounds? Not even close!

This was very funny. Although not much work put into the actual animation the song really makes up for it. I knew when I saw the title of this on the Flash Portal and that it wasn't done by a crew I knew this was going to be "interesting." Your graphics and sound are very well done and the humor in this flash is funny. Well done! Also where can I get this song?

|| Good Points ||
*Good Graphics
*Awesome Sound
*Very Funny

|| Bad Points ||
*Not much on animation

Pretty Good

I've seen better (and I've also seen worse). Your sprite organization and flash skills need a little bit more work, but other than that you aren't half bad. If you want more suggestions I can send you some through a PM on your flash work. Now then it was funny (not hilarious), and after seeing this I seriously ask that you consider making a sprite flash with Luigi vs. Knuckles. It would be AWESOME!

|| Good Points ||
*Not Bad With Sprites
*Sound was okay

|| Bad Points ||
*Need work on jokes
*Let people scroll through text by themselves
*Need work with sprites
*Find a better source for sprites
*The music was a little too low


A true epic flash in it's own. Words cannot describe the essence of the mind that you have grabbed here today. With the details, the artwork, the sound, the music, everything was breathtaking and yet it was also sad and struck with drama. If there is anyone to actually blame for this to show why these two did what they did, it's their parents fault for not raising their kids. Still (sorry for my rambling) a very good flash indeed.

|| Good Points ||
*Superb Artwork
*Superb Sound
*Superb Details
*Superb Music
*Superb Flash

|| Bad Points ||

Not Good

This is nothing but crap. If you're going to make a flash movie for Newgrounds use animation or sprites...and if you do plan on making a video like you've done here then make it better. This was pitiful...it wasn't good and it was bad. The song is the only good thing here.

|| Good Points ||
*The song is good

|| Bad Points ||
*Bad idea for flash
*Bad video
*Work harder on making a flash

I Like Waffles!

The graphics were good and your artwork could use a little work, but other than that not a bad little flash. I think I'll add it to my favorites. Also I loved the song, you should just let it auto replay.

|| Good Points ||
*Great Song
*Fun Bouncy Flash
*Good Graphics

|| Bad Points ||
*Artwork Needs Work
*Make it Auto replay.

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