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Excellent Work!

Wow Just Wow! This is very impressive! I've been following the series the whole way and, this is just...amazing! I can tell you now that there are no bugs in this whatsoever! This is just truly amazing! I can't wait for Super Mario bros Z ep.7. This kicks ass!

|| Good Points ||
*Magnificent Graphics
*Superb Style
*Superb Sound
*Great Violence
*Great Interactivity (Let's you go by yourself)
*Very Humorous

|| Bad Points ||

There's So Much Hate In The World

Awesome! Yet you'd think the series should be continued...yet it seems finished. Every component for comedy was put into this! The ending sucked, but then made sense...in a weird sort of way. The RPG Battle was the best part of this. Also using the Tetris Theme for the final confrontation between Sam and Norm was perfection! Awesome job!

|| Good Points ||
*Graphics Enhanced a little bit
*Violence was Great!
*Ending...Weird, yet Nice.
*Very Humorous
*Side Characters got more Camera time

|| Bad Points ||

Kong Style!

The best one so far! The campfire seen is so random with the "scary" stories. Plus I also liked Norm when he was going through his weapons box. Great Job.
I also liked the Easter Egg that was put on the drawer that the gun was in.

|| Good Points ||
*Kept with the story
*Funny Easter Egg
*Side Characters are awesome!
*Great Random Moments

|| Bad Points ||
*Side Characters needed a little more camera time.

|| 50 / 50 Points ||
*Graphics could've been better, but hey it's stick figures.


It's a nice concept, but you could've done more work into it and made each character do something different. I like the idea of it, you could really turn this into a video game with Google taking over the big time websites.

|| Good Points ||
*Nice Idea
*Could Be A Video Game
*Great Graphics
*Great Sound

|| Bad Points ||
*Got A Little Boring

Emptygoddess responds:

Could have. You didn't really need to watch every single one though. I'm sorry if you did. Terribly sorry. If I could give you that time back I would.

Fat...Cat...Sat...Hat...DAMN YOU FOR RHYMING!

You did a great job on this flash. This song is very addicting and rhyming is excellent, and it gets stuck in your head...fed...Dammit! It gets stuck in your...well it's just addicting let's just put it at that.

|| Good Points |||
*Nice choice of song
*Great on Graphics
*Very Addicting
*Love the extra part at the end

|| Bad Points ||

Lord-Sonx responds:

red head fed bread!


Very original. Nice animation, great concept, and nice sound. A classical flash indeed.

|| Good Points ||
*Great Sound
*Classic and Original
*Cute and Funny

|| Bad Points ||
*Graphics Could've been better.

Stepping Up

Well the Kitty Krew is actually going up the ladder. Very nice and very funny I must say. There must be more you can do with Newgrounds and Commercials. Maybe more GEICO stuff?

|| Good Points ||
*Potential for Series
*Good for the Kitty Krew

|| Bad Points ||
(none) believe it or not

KGB-Kitty responds:



This was fucking funny MAN! You should do more and more of these! Freaking Awesome! Even though the animation was a little repetitive this was still great!

The random victim was funny. That Dumbasshole stayed on the phone that long!

|| Good Points ||
*Good Drawing
*Nice Animation

|| Bad Points ||

|| 50/50 ||
*Drawing could've been better (but it's better than mine)


This is a great flash. Talking of teenage pop-stars that turn children into trash. I know this review may get complaints, but I could care less. This is like talking about Brittney Spears and Christina Aguilera who lead girls to trash and look at where they are today. I'm glad someone decided to make a flash on this subject.

*Good Points

*Bad Points
-Graphics could've been a little better

Inside Computer They Love You.

This was a great flash and all I just have only one question. What's the name of THE SONG!

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