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Simply Outstanding

This would make a great Menu Theme for a game. It has many good beats in it, although it is a bit repetitive it is still not half bad. Nicely Done!

eghcvg responds:

thank you, thank you. i agree that the beginning needed to be amped instead of repeated. thanks for the review!!!

Do Not Delete

Do not delete any of your songs. There are many reasons why people down-rate your songs and I'm sure Audio Artists who have had their's lowered will tell you. This certainly is inspirational and I loved listening to every bit of it.

Do not delete this or any other song... do not rob the world of this gift bestowed upon you. I can only say I wish to hear more from you in the near future.

Zero123Music responds:

I'm really sorry...

I was in a bad mood with my brother and, well I got deleting.

But this review stopped me when I saw.

Thanks alot and i'm glad you enjoyed :D

Wow... I can't believe it

You did a very nice job on this song. However I think you stretched the song a bit out more than you needed to. I mean at the beginning I could understand, but you did it mainly through the whole song and it was pleasant, but not pleasant to listen to.

Beautiful Song

One of your greatest songs of all time Hania it truly is. I hope you and James live together for many happy years to come. I don't truly think I can review this song.

This Song

For some reason I feel that I've heard this song before, but I can't remember where. I know I've heard this song before. I must say that you've done a superb job MilkMan-Dan. I didn't even know you did the song until the end when I looked at the author who did it. I certainly am impressed. You've actually topped yourself. I can only hope and pray that you live on this Earth for more days to come to bring more of your great musical gift to the world.


Life in your Hands

When my sister gave birth to her baby, I got a chance to hold my newborn nephew. To be able to hold the entire world in your arms... it truly is amazing.

I must say the song was a bit boring, but with the natural background sounds it gives the song a little bit more, so you have done an excellent job. I know my review is quite short and I apologize, but I've been busy lately. My apologies. Magnificent song as always.


You did change a bit... this is different from your other works as well, but honestly I wasn't getting really a lot out of it. Maybe it was supposed to be that way I don't know. It was something nice I must admit and different from your other songs, but I think it's missing something.

I Think It's Fine

You really shouldn't add on to this, it makes for a great hotel theme. Please don't be offended by this, but it would make a great theme for a Hotel Hentai game. You did an excellent job on this... keep up the good work.

yagru responds:

wouldn't be the first time my music was used for a porn game (check my other songs LOL)

Delayed Too Long...

I've delayed reviewing this for far too long now. This is the best Dance song I've ever heard on Newgrounds since LightWave by EON. This song is absolutely amazing. Every beat, every movement, every single note lined up just right. It is a bit repetitive, but in a good way and not in a boring way. The song didn't drag itself on and on and that was good, but it's not always a guarantee thing so don't bet on it always.

Desperate Times, Changes Times

I see a successful businessman, he is at a party celebrating his company's 20th year in businesss. He is also celebrating his retirement. However looking back on his life he regrets his past. What he did to the innocent people to get to where he is today... he still fears that his past will catch up with him, even though traces of his existence in his past are gone there is still a chance that someone will find out. All he knows is that desperate times called for desperate measures, and with that knowledge he could change time and make his future brighter... but is it truly a spotlight in which he is satisfied with?

I must say this was a beautiful piece, however I don't think it belongs in the Video Game genre, more like the Classical genre. I hope he'll forgive me for this, but this could give MaestroRage a run for his money. I could see the times between past, present, and then back to the present, but what you and others did not realize was that the present in the past-tense is the future. Regret, turmoil, and all for what. Although my message doesn't seem clear in my "scenario" it will set in one's mind upon reading it.

As a critic you have captured my mind today and put it in a place that I was happy to visit, yet sad to visit at the same time. I thank you for putting me through this, but at the same time hate you for it. You have made today a masterful song and I can't wait to hear your next great piece, I can see why you are proud of this.


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