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It was good, it really was, but when you submit flash don't submit it just because it's a test on whether or not people will like it or not. I mean you do possess skills, but you don't know how to take your skills and make great ideas. Before you continue onward I suggest you revise this flash and add sound to it. I also suggest you find a writer to write material for you to animate.

|| Good Points ||
*Good Video
*Great Animation

|| Bad Points ||
*No Sound
*No Story

Not bad...

For something done in 5 minutes... I suggest you do something a little bit more better, but use DuckTales! Your Flash work is great, but I was looking for more animation.

|| Good Points ||
*Good Flash Skills
*Okay Animation
*Great Sound

|| Bad Points ||
*Need More Animation

That is funny!

Very funny, very good, background music would've been nice though and you could've had the text go by a bit slower.

|| Good Points ||
*Very funny
*Great with Sprites

|| Bad Points ||
*Text too fast
*Background Music

A Good Start...

The story is good and interesting and follows with the animation. It makes sense and I love it! I also can't wait for the next part of this series. Your sound and animation were smooth and so was your animations, but the story really didn't catch me completely... all I can say is I want to see more of this series.

|| Good Points ||
*Great Animation
*Great Sound

|| Bad Points ||
*Story Not All That Great

Miren2k responds:

cool thanks for the review - its weird though, other people have said the complete opposite: bad animation - but very good concept and story

i appreciate your review - il just try improve everything as much as i can as i get on in the world of animating perhaps have a story you can more easily relate to in my next one aswel

Smashing Good Fun!

A great piece of work for the world of Newgrounds. From parodies to stuff that could actually happen in the game, (or would be awesome if it did) but other than that, you guys did a terrific job with everything from your sprite work, to your sound, to well everything! You even used the Skittles N' Bitz style to present it. Great Job!

|| Good Points ||
*Superb Sound
*Awesome Sprite Work
*Loved The Easter Egg

Added Note, I can tell Xcyber33 is an Alvin-Earthworm fan from his Mario vs. Sonic contribution... great job on that as well.

Not bad...

Not bad at all...for a video though your graphics were kinda bad, but still good. I love your parody of the iphone and can offer new ideas to you also (Check for PM). The concept is great and for a video your sound quality is superb. Just one question, at the very end what was the message?

|| Good Points ||
*Good for a Video
*Great Sound

|| Bad Points ||
*Quality kinda bad

Bluedude1044 responds:

Sorry about the quality. It was because the file was to big. And it said "in stores never"

Very Nice

I enjoyed this flash very much. Reminded me of Benny Hill. Your sprite work is good, but I ask that your artwork improve. Other than that you did an excellent job on this flash, I suggest you keep up the good work.

|| Good Points ||
*Great with Sprites
*Good with Art
*Excellent Sound
*Very Funny

|| Bad Points ||
*Artwork Could Use Improvement

A Song Fit For Newgrounds

If there was ever a song that defined the members of Newgrounds it would be this song. This is by far one of the greatest music video flashes of Newgrounds since Magical Trevor and The PICO Day Anthem. The animation and sound synced perfectly together even on my P.O.C.C. (Piece Of Crap Computer). Speaking of which the animation was very well done and matched the song perfectly with enough humor to describe the song perfectly! However one small flaw was that the subtitles didn't work when you wanted to revist a part of the flash you wanted to. It would be nice to fix this problem, but it's not all that important. All over though Superb Work Indeed!

|| Good Points ||
*Superb Animation
*Superb Sound
*Superb Efforts

|| Bad Points ||

Keep Trying...

Ths sound was off, but you did tell us of that. I can see the work you put into it, but more of an effort wouldn't kill ya either. Your animation good use more work and please if you make another one, make it longer. Other than that it was okay, you just have a nice bit of room to improve.

|| Good Points ||
*It was okay

|| Bad Points ||
*Too short
*Animation needs work
*Sound needs work

mamacaddyhat responds:

Yep, I didnt know how to change the sound, i did try.

anyway thanks for the review, much appreciated! ;)

Too Short

You have good talent, good animation, and do great with sound, but I suggest you push that to the next level. Please don't think of this review as bad, but not good too. Use Newgrounds not to test things, but to show more of your talent. That is all I have to say.

|| Good Points ||
*Great Animation
*Great Talent
*Great Sound

|| Bad Points ||
*Too Short

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