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The Sorrow and Death Notes

I can sense it now, a feeling of sadness and remorse. From the window the sun shines, but here the sun doesn't shine. The tears gather on the piano's keys and you wonder of others share them with you. No one to comfort and even so who could. The piano is the only thing there before you... however although you bring forth happiness from it you just can't seem to muster the joy from the notes.

An excellent piece indeed, you've done quite well on the piano and I can't wait to hear more from you. You've given me an inspiration for a short story to write about the piano now. Everything flowed together so well, and this does in fact loop perfectly.

midnightmadness11 responds:

thank you. just for the record, i didn't play this on ze piano, i can't play a musical instrument whatsoever. i just put this together digitally. you are also my first ever review. :D i was feeling very unloved. as i did back when i made this song. you have no idea how much i appreciate some recognition.


From beginning to end. It certainly defines in my mind a battle or adventure theme indeed (mainly battle). It's uses aren't as limited as I or anyone else say, this could be used in many things I assure you. Another outstanding song MaestroRage. Keep up the masterful work.

MaestroRage responds:

Thanks TGO! I'm sure somebody will want to use it for something, for that person, go right ahead ;D! Thanks again for the review, glad you liked it!

Pulls You In

This song just pulls you in and makes you hear every single thing about it that makes the song just great! From start to finish it builds and builds with more and more. A love theme it is (hence the title) but more than that this song is... it goes through what I believe either as a pathway or a cycle... of love, hurt, pain, and either love again, or complete destruction and self realization. You may or may not have seen the emotional spirals in this song, maybe you planned it that way, but that is exactly what I see when I hear this song. I can even mark the points of it as well.

00:01-00:14 Meeting One Another
00:15-01:29 Love
1:30-2:25 Hurt and Pain
2:26-2:39 Memories
2:40-3:08 Finding Each Other Again
3:09-3:52 Love Reprise
3:53-5:15 Love Forever / Lonely Life & Self Realization

Another superb song. Keep up the masterful work ahead of you.


Kr1z responds:

Dude, thats the most beautiful description I've ever read :O
I'm so glad you see the meaning of my music :D !!
Thanks for the review, I'll keep it up dude :)


Very masteful I must say. Every last beat and note is just perfect in every single way. When I first heard of you you were a duo with F-777, this is honestly the first song I have heard by you. Epic, dare I even utter such a word... this isn't just a dance beat to dance to, it can be used for a variety of things... for some reason it reminds me of Final Fantasy... but that may going a step too far, however I think it not. Congratulations on such a grand song and be sure to remember that I will be listening more within the future.

Kr1z responds:

Yeh, the collabs with F-777 were great :) More to come :D
If you enjoy this, then have a listen (when u have some time) to my other "burning" songs, they have the same style ^^. Dude, ur review is epic !! Thanks so much!!

Not Bad...

It does remind me of the Light Aura, and the way it ends you could slowly have another audio enter explaining the Dark Aura as well. Nicely done.

x-Exodus-X responds:

Yeah, that's true. Thanks!

The Invasion Begins

Men not knowing what to do will certainly turn to another for help... no matter the intentions of the stranger. Fire and chaos will ensnare all to the point of no return. Hence enters a savior of a golden aura and as the two lock eyes they see similarities in one another... like the Yin and Yang. However we all know how these battles usually end... a draw where both live or both die. Not one nor the other may live while the other dies.

Another superb song as always Maestro. Sorry for not being able to review your other projects... I've been busy on my own time as well, however I plan to go on a reviewing spree soon. Another superb piece once again, keep up the good work.

The Friendly Face in the Dust

MaestroRage responds:

aye, an epic battle never ends with just a victor. Either the fires of both burn the other to a crisp or their strength is great enough to withstand the other and no more.

It's perfectly fine TGO :). I understand life can change, priorities change with it. I'm glad to know you are still listening, you don't have to write a thousand reviews, I appreciate the support all the same!

Thanks for the review, i'm glad you liked it!

Calm, Chill, Epic Maybe?

I must say this is one piece that truly has blown me away. I haven't heard an Ambient song this good in a while. Every instrument had it's own meaning, not a bit of it was meant as filler. You have done a superb job on this from beginning to end. Bravo good sir.

eghcvg responds:

thank you kind sir. i haven't had a review that great ever.
i tried to make it balanced and well built so thank you for recognizing the effort =)

Simply Outstanding

This would make a great Menu Theme for a game. It has many good beats in it, although it is a bit repetitive it is still not half bad. Nicely Done!

eghcvg responds:

thank you, thank you. i agree that the beginning needed to be amped instead of repeated. thanks for the review!!!

Do Not Delete

Do not delete any of your songs. There are many reasons why people down-rate your songs and I'm sure Audio Artists who have had their's lowered will tell you. This certainly is inspirational and I loved listening to every bit of it.

Do not delete this or any other song... do not rob the world of this gift bestowed upon you. I can only say I wish to hear more from you in the near future.

Zero123Music responds:

I'm really sorry...

I was in a bad mood with my brother and, well I got deleting.

But this review stopped me when I saw.

Thanks alot and i'm glad you enjoyed :D

I Think It's Fine

You really shouldn't add on to this, it makes for a great hotel theme. Please don't be offended by this, but it would make a great theme for a Hotel Hentai game. You did an excellent job on this... keep up the good work.

yagru responds:

wouldn't be the first time my music was used for a porn game (check my other songs LOL)

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