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Very Superb...

I was sitting here listening to this song thinking to give you an 8... I thought it was quite boring, then it started to build up and so I decided to keep listening some more and it was missing something... but you brought that in at 1:55. I must say you have done a superb job with this audio.

Magnificent... keep up the good work.

garyevor responds:

thank you for your expressions and vote. Thanks too for listening all the way through sometimes we save the best for last and if we don't listen all the way we miss it. I always felt that a song should build as it goes on. Thanks again.

A bit repetitive....

That's the only complaint I can make about this song, plus the voice brought in just threw the song way out of place and it didn't really have a nice bounce in it. It loops perfectly however. Good job.

AlxEllis responds:

Thanks for the review

Greatness As Always

A fight between two warriors. One who plans to revive the world as a new world, and the other who plans to save us all. The battle is at large, and others around the world are taking sides. The flames of destiny are upon us, as the wind takes hold of the skies, the waters clash against each other, and the earth rumbles filling no terror or fear within anyone battling upon the field, we call Planet Earth. A battle so fierce... you'd think it were a war, when the war is happening between the two choosing sides. The greater good overcomes the dark one and sends him to his doom, but spares his life.

"The world is run on power, not violence. Take away the power, and you leave and empty shell."
- The-Great-One (2008)

A magnificent piece if I must say and in Classical Rock I certainly am surprised. However I felt it was a bit too short, but as you described, the PC limitations. Nonetheless, I enjoyed it.


MaestroRage responds:

hey TGO! Thank you for the story first off!

I enjoyed the description of such epic proportions, however your quote though valid, I must disagree with you.

I don't disagree in the sense that power and violence are different, and that the world is in fact not run purely off it, but power is earned through the prospect of violence.

But only if the definition of violence is expanded to suit a general purpose. Economical violence, spiritual violence, environmental violence. All these factors combined, these qualities together form power. For a nation or man whom holds no potential for these violences is deemed without power.

Thank you for the review, i'm glad you liked it! Once again, thank you for the story! Well written and enjoyable!

It's Balanced

It has a nice balance of Trance and techno... but what I really love is how it loops perfectly! Right when it ended to start over it's like the song never even stopped. That is what I found truly awesome... I don't know if that was intentional or not, but it was nicely done. I found at some points in the song that I was getting quite sleepy, to where the song was boring me a bit, but then it would reach a point of waking me up. Outstanding job I must say... keep up the good work.

xKore responds:

The looping wasn't intentional 0.0 I only just found out now xD

Anyways, I can see where your coming from with that, I will improve :D


Great concept and I like it. Something chill, to relax to... very nice indeed and it carried a nice Blues flavor with it as well. Bravo sir, you've done a great job, chances are I could listen to this all day long.

shadowmana responds:

haha well, despite my ever slowly drop in score (Thank you flawed Newgrounds system), it's nice to see that people enjoy it despite.

Sadly You're Wrong

Closing Time was by Matchbox 20 not Semisonic. Your remix was done quite nicely, I did enjoy it and would love if you could end up adding the lyrics to it.

keatonkeaton999 responds:

Glad you liked it! But your limewire mp3 is tagged wrong, this is definitely by Semisonic, not Matchbox 20

The Best Thing I've Heard All Day

This is probably the best song I've heard all day. You've done a fantastic job on this audio and I can only hope to see more great things from you. However something about the song felt a bit off to me... I feel like there is something missing from it. I have listened to this song three times in a row and I just feel like you left something out of it, but I'm not quite sure what. Anyways it's a great song.

ElectroLord99 responds:

i forgot to use a synth in parts of the song... i was going to fix that, but i had to close the window to the program lol
well im glad you liked it ^_^
ill try to continue on this type of music

I can't believe it...

I actually listened to that. Please tell me, what were you thinking when you made this? Please I need to know. Did you honestly think you were singing good? I hate to leave reviews like these, but when you do something like this... I mean, alright... pull it together TGO, review professionally.

Your tone was way out of line as well as your music. Nothing matched up even close to the original... this isn't Paradise City.

trashcanman responds:


Standing at a Distance

After the smoke clears the five heroes enter... a miracle for this small village owned by an evil king... the five heroes unleash all their strength, for 5 against 100 is not odds a king should be worried about, but today he is. These 5, each taking out 20 men at a time with strength and valor. The village is saved, but the king retreats, if he returns the 5 will be waiting.

I liked this and want more with it so I may continue writing more with it. Although my story is short, so is your song, I wish for more to be put with this.

Kadisha responds:

If my track inspired this beautiful epic passage I want to say Im honored man... this is the most beautiful and flattering review Ive received... I bow to your writing skills.... Im feeling the chills and Im touched my friend....

THANK YOU.......


Outstanding, No Contrast Whatsoever

This piece stands alone by itself. It shows no comparison to anything else I've ever heard on Newgrounds before. I like it. The violin and piano moved as one together through sadness, perhaps anger? The low echoes and wolf sound effects in the background added a nice touch to this song as well.

When the DVD comes out please let me know so I may purchase and view it.

kelwynshade responds:

Haha, I will definitely let you know. The movie is going to be quite amazing. That much I can say.

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