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Ah... peaceful.

A nice Margaritaville feel to it. Sipping Lemonade in a hammock with shades on basking in the summer time sunshine. Reading a magazine you picked up from the grocery store.

This is what I saw when I listened to this song... it is majestic really, but in a plain-fashioned way. Excellent Work!

howamisupposedtoknow responds:

thanks for the review... and hope you enjoyed your 'lemonade' ^^


Superb in many ways! I see so much when I hear this song... from a man trapped in a maze trying to escape, but sadly he always meets a dead end. I will complain however that it is a bit short... but other than that it is great!

MJTTOMB responds:

Thanks! Glad you like it! Be sure to check out some of my other work.

Banjo and Kazooie!

Click Clock Wood from Banjo and Kazooie. It does remind you of being in the woods. Oh this surely is a blast from the past for me. Superb job... superb indeed!

DjThunderbass responds:

finally someone who likes banjo kazooie WOOOOOOOOOOO

Fierce Battle

The two warriors standing before the doors, fear has overcome them, but they must hide it within themselves. They enter the coliseum and battle ensues, these two are about to fight to the death, only one can win this battle and only one will walk away. The battle ensues and one kills the other... cheers and screams come from the audience, this is truly madness, the emperor stands and announces the winner as the man who shall wed his daughter. The victor seems to feel very cold now... he falls to his knees in shame. Congratulations all around him, but he knows that he hasn't won a thing.

This song was just absolutely marvelous like all your others! Although I didn't get a big feel out of it like your other songs, it was still great.

MaestroRage responds:

As always, a wonderful story TGO... a warrior who has lost everything, and despite having being forced to lose no more, he continues to lose.

Very touching.

I'm a little curious, by big do you mean it was lacking in bass? I feel it was a bit lacking there. If by epic strength, I don't know if I agree. I agree it lacks some complexity instrument wise, it does hold only about 11-12 instruments where it's usually 20 for me.

Still, thank you for this review, I am glad you liked it!


It kept my interest, but for 12 hours of work you could've played around some more with this. It was a bit repetitive, but still good.

mariomusicmaker1 responds:

Dose it feel good to give me the lowest review score?! umm i mean thanks for the review :D

The Morning of No Work

The time has come, the children are ecstatic! The farmer and his wife awaken heading downstairs to meet their children unwrapping their presents. They got just what they wanted from Santa Clause. A Christmas morning and before you know it the family will begin to arrive. The farmer's wife is going to have to skip breakfast for now because she has a lot of work to do before the arrival as does the farmer. Food must be prepared as well as places to sit and room to be made for more presents. A day of calming peace, good fortune and will towards all mankind. Christmas has come to one and to all, deck the halls and joy to the world.

This sounds like a Christmas song, it really does. I see this as a great Christmas song, so peaceful and tranquil, I can't picture anything sad or violent about any part of this song. Marvelous work, and of course another Farmer story to fit it.

Bosa responds:

Life has its blessings and hardships, yet there is always time for fellowship. A family has its tithes to he that blesses and who say that they should not show love?

The man comes in with his oldest son, bringing firewood for the stove. The children are just waking up, excited for the candy and oranges that await them in the stockings they hung over the chestnuts. The wife is wide awake, preparing the table for the banquet later today and she saves her hospitality for the family guests. Peace and joy is indeed in the air, as today is the best day fo their lives.

Day 2

The sun rises once again, to show forth new work upon the farm, today is different however, the day shall last longer than normal days have, this day is different from others... it is the first day of Summer, the longest day of the year. The farmer enters his fields working harder than he has ever worked before, not concentrating on anything else. From plowing, planting, and more. As the sun begins to set the farmer rests himself. Then the full moon rises in the sky and it is time to begin work again, this full moon has cast such a light that now more work can be done upon the farm. The animals are sleeping yes, but the farmer is still working through the night. As the farmer is nearing the end of his work he goes back into his house and sleeps until tomorrow when he begins another day of work... he knows it probably won't last forever, but he'll keep going until there is nothing left he can do. The farm shall stand as long as the farmer stands for it, the farm shall stand as long as the farmer works for it, and the farm shall stand as long as the farmer tries for it.

Fantastic piece! I did notice the changes in it and thus I just had to write another story for it, other than recreating or building from my previous story I made this one a bit different to move with your added and extended changes. The notes all float so well together. You have taken your own perfection and made it more better, I honestly didn't think it was possible for you to add on to your already true masterpiece! Excellent Work!


Bosa responds:

Thank you so much for this review, Great One! This is one heck of a worker if he plowed a whole garden in one day :)

But really, I greatly appreciate your reviews and stories, they often add a diverse way of listening to the music than what you would first hear.

With thanks,

The-Great-One's 300th Audio Review

I'm just in awe about this song. I never thought that a song like this would be my 300th audio review. I'm speechless to give words at all. Thank you for creating such a song, you've brought back so many memories.

Bosa responds:

Wow, an honor it is!

I'm glad this song came when it did, or I'd see a different face! I'm happy for you and all of Newgrounds on a successful run!


Coffee in plain Style

Outstanding, works great as a loop, this could be used from menus, to bars, to well a coffee place. As thus I have given you a title "Coffee in plain Style." If you don't use this title I will understand, but if you do I would appreciate credit. The pause was great, but I think you should shorten it a bit, maybe 1 or 2 seconds then you'll have a perfect loop!

Simple-line responds:

awesome, thanks for tips all both of you commenters, i might use your title.

Calm & Peaceful

Very peaceful, it's as if you were in a state of mind of a calming matter while writing and playing this... magnificent! I close my eyes and I can see the sun slowly rising over a hill in my mind. Outstanding work... I congratulate you.

BlazingDragon responds:

I specifically remember waking up early one summer morning, and just marveling at how beautiful the sunrise was. I felt so at peace, and set to writing this right away. :)

Thank you for the congratulations!

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