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Power, Coming, Alive!

Outstanding sir, truly outstanding! The build up, anticipation, to something big to come within the song was what I loved most about this song. Then the instant changes from here to there and there to here... simply great! Superb job, superb.

ThatJohnnyGuy responds:


Short... Yes...

Sucks... NO! This is a perfect loop. It loops perfectly and has a nice beat that isn't repetitive. You've done an outstanding job on this! Normally I wouldn't give such great standards to a loop under 30 seconds long, but you pulled it off, very magical indeed.

HelgiB responds:

thank you for the review :P

Good Melody

You had a terrific melody, but your lyrics destroyed the song. You weren't even singing the song either, you were completely whining through the whole song. Your song sounds like one of those emo songs when Chess isn't all emo. You need to look more deeper into what you're writing. So find a better writer and find a better singer says this critic.

writtenkits responds:

I actually did look deep into what I was writing. It's an analogy. Meaning that of course Chess isn't all Emo. That's like you commenting that you can't write about a sad relationship, because relationships aren't all sad. If you don't like emo, fine. But don't vote me down because of your personal taste. Vote me down because the song blows, lol.


You took something simple and added a bit more to it. It is kind of relaxing to listend to and does fit its category well. This also works well as a fantastic loop in my mind. Maybe you can make a full version of this song, something over 1 minute long.

monk1 responds:

Thanks a bunch!
Yeah I couldn't explain why but I felt like that sort of :P
The only reason I submitted it as a song was because I didn't think it looped well enough to be considered a loop...but either way thanks for the positive feedback. Much appreciated. ^_^

You Got It!

I see an RPG Desert Town, but not one during the day, one during the night! It is quite the catchy tune I must admit, I enjoyed it quite well. Bravo and keep up the good work.

kelwynshade responds:

Thanks. I'm glad it's catchy. It needs closer attention by me I suppose.

Faces Last an Eternity

No matter the age, the time, the place, or the names. You remember a person by their face, not their names. A picture is worth a thousand words they say, but I believe they're worth so much more than that. You've done a marvelous job on this piece and I loved the build up at 1:34 really heightened up the mood. Well I can only hope to hear more great works from you.


kelwynshade responds:

Thanks for checking it out. I'm happy you liked this one.


I must say that this is an outstanding piece. The beats you had in the background were way too repetitive though and it basically ruined the rest of the song. I say you should take out those beats and just keep the storm throughout the whole song.

shadow6nothing9 responds:

Thanks, I was thinking the same thing about the beats, and Im going to work on changing it around... maybe use it as a hit. I like the storm idea too, think i'll do that

I hate you so much now...

You had to bring back those memories that I was trying to forget. Sure we didn't date long, but we were too far apart. To be honest we were two different people of different worlds. You've also given me the courage I didn't have before. I can only hope to run into her again, I mean to tell her everything now, what's the point in loving someone if you're not sure if they love you back.

You son of a bitch. Why? I know you made this out of love, but why did you have to submit it? It is very beautiful I'll admit. My head is hurting so much now I'm even amazd that I can still actualy type a little bit. Well you have made agreat song and I for one am happy yet angry at you for making this song .

Bosa responds:

Hee hee!

I mean.. oops..

You know, true love in a relationship is often hard to achieve. And it's true what you said, "What's the point in loving someone if you're not sure if they love you back?" I'm in this stage right now, to be honest. You know, you care about a girl, you check on her everyday to make sure she's alright, and that question still remains: Does she love me or am I wasting my time? I know it's not healthy to think about these things in a relationship, and it can often cause conflicts. But, it's there until you show her the true affection of your heart. Whatever her reaction may be is probably the answer to whether she loves you or not. Things can often be staged and sometimes you have to use your mind to get the answer you're looking for. I'm not saying she's just a tool to be used, or something for you to just fool with. I'm saying to be honest with her, and show her that you love her. If she loves you, you'll know in your heart whether she does or not. These things just work, believe it or not. One way or the other, things will just work. You just have to play your part and be the man, as she does to be the woman. Good luck, friend. May things folly to your side.

-Jon Babb


Yes you do need more build-up. Do not do random sounds unless you're absolutely sure you can pull them together. Maybe make it a little more smooth at the 1:04 mark, this may seem odd at first but trust me you'll have more to build on.

Mrmilkcarton responds:

I've been doing alot of revamping to the build ups. the second build up has changed a fair amount to the one thats up here now. Thanks for the review.

A Perfect Loop

This could loop perfectly within anything, and I mean anything. Movie or Game, but probably better use in a game. All I see before my eyes are those three choices...

* Save and Quit
* Save and Continue
* Continue without Saving

kelwynshade responds:

Even more uses. Agreed.

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