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Wow! I mean, Wow!

I'm not really into Heavy Metal, but you pulled it off. Damn man, extreme from the quiet man in the corner. The Lady's quiet and calm voice adds a nice texture to the song... it quiets the metal which eases the ears. I must say you and Lady have done an excellent job on this piece, my utmost regards to her and of course yourself as well.

If you're feeling daring again then I would love to hear your next Heavy Metal piece within the near future.


MaestroRage responds:

Thank you very much! But please remember, TGO, I'm a composer too. I actually wrote this piece mostly on my own. >=3 And don't you worry, m'love, there will be more come. I have to write another one for that Blizzard contest later.
Thank you for listening, TGO, and stay awesome!
With love,
LadyArsenic <3

Very Themey

Maestro... you've made yet another great theme song. I congratulate you on this outstanding achievement. It is nice that you're branching out now... very nice indeed. This theme song was done with excellent work. Hopefully you'll be able to play around with this more and make it longer.

MaestroRage responds:

Thank you TGO! It's tough work understanding and incorporating these new elements, but they are very fun to work with and in time I hope to be adequate with the styles. I really should expand this, perhaps make 2 versions. One theme version, and one expanded. Couldn't hurt right?

Thanks for the review, i'm glad you liked it!


Oh this song is just simply amazing! Your band is just awesome! The song from beginning to end was just brilliant. Keep up the good work, you have my full support.

Chan-Chan responds:

Thanks! I'll be sure to post some more songs from us when we get them recorded.

Psychotic Even...

Blood at the Human Sight can cause either fear or Delight.

A very good piece Maestro, very good indeed. It is a very well constructed battle theme I must admit and loops quite well. It does remind me of a killer, but one who enjoys the pouring of blood from his victims.

MaestroRage responds:

You've got the image right TGO :D! I still need practice in this style, but I intend to become really good in it, and start a epidemic of serial killers D:!

Okay, not really, but I hope to get good in it :D!

Thanks for the review, i'm glad you liked it!


Maybe you can add rain sound effects into this to give it that real rain feel, but either way around it's still awesome! Keep up the good work!

ChrisDelFuente responds:

I'll try that out soon, thanks for the review and idea.

I Like It!

Very Loopy indeed. Sounds great for a video game, or possibly a credits theme.

Mid-Night responds:


Ah... peaceful.

A nice Margaritaville feel to it. Sipping Lemonade in a hammock with shades on basking in the summer time sunshine. Reading a magazine you picked up from the grocery store.

This is what I saw when I listened to this song... it is majestic really, but in a plain-fashioned way. Excellent Work!

howamisupposedtoknow responds:

thanks for the review... and hope you enjoyed your 'lemonade' ^^

Banjo and Kazooie!

Click Clock Wood from Banjo and Kazooie. It does remind you of being in the woods. Oh this surely is a blast from the past for me. Superb job... superb indeed!

DjThunderbass responds:

finally someone who likes banjo kazooie WOOOOOOOOOOO

Fierce Battle

The two warriors standing before the doors, fear has overcome them, but they must hide it within themselves. They enter the coliseum and battle ensues, these two are about to fight to the death, only one can win this battle and only one will walk away. The battle ensues and one kills the other... cheers and screams come from the audience, this is truly madness, the emperor stands and announces the winner as the man who shall wed his daughter. The victor seems to feel very cold now... he falls to his knees in shame. Congratulations all around him, but he knows that he hasn't won a thing.

This song was just absolutely marvelous like all your others! Although I didn't get a big feel out of it like your other songs, it was still great.

MaestroRage responds:

As always, a wonderful story TGO... a warrior who has lost everything, and despite having being forced to lose no more, he continues to lose.

Very touching.

I'm a little curious, by big do you mean it was lacking in bass? I feel it was a bit lacking there. If by epic strength, I don't know if I agree. I agree it lacks some complexity instrument wise, it does hold only about 11-12 instruments where it's usually 20 for me.

Still, thank you for this review, I am glad you liked it!


It kept my interest, but for 12 hours of work you could've played around some more with this. It was a bit repetitive, but still good.

mariomusicmaker1 responds:

Dose it feel good to give me the lowest review score?! umm i mean thanks for the review :D

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