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This is just amazing! Everything just goes so well. The violins, chorus, and drums. The drums do it in my mind. I can't wait to hear more from you. One in particular being The Temple of Time from Ocarina of Time.

Veneox responds:

Thanks ;). I was thinking about doing a Zelda medley, using mostly songs from Ocarina of time.

Honoring The Greatest of Them All!

This song just fits going down a hall of bravery, genius, and artistic. The Knights, the Painters, the former peaseants turned into Kings and Queens if only for a day. A famous quotation of each one's stature represents their shining achievements.

I certainly did enjoy this song and I am surprised that I have not heard more music from you. Keep up the good work!

SeriousAdam responds:

thats a mill! those are some motivating words! thanks



Your music and Hania's voice are a match made in heaven. A perfect fit. I would love to see your music crossover with other artists of Newgrounds in the future.

I may not know what the lyrics mean, but they sound captivating and quite soothing. A wonderful piece by you and Hania good sir.

Bosa responds:

Why thank you. You know, you've been a great help to me - as your stories and reviews inspire me to make more. I love to see what your imagination is capable of, and I can assure you that I will continue my work with a positive attitude.



I can just picture a land of snow and ice before my mind. It really conjurs up memories of those ice themed levels from video games past. From Yoshi's Island to Crash Bandicoot 2. I can just picture a beautiful world coated in a blanket of wonder. The only complaint I have is it doesn't loop well... and being a loop I think it should do that.

ForbiddenMemory responds:

Thank you for your opinion.

I've re-edited "The Icy Lands", listen to it now, if you'd like to hear the changes.

Rain is Soothing...

Ah, this just takes me away, to a nice somber cloudy day filled with rain clouds. Raining rain drops down upon the pavement outside my window. It fills me with inspiration and more so than none.

A beautiful piece from beginning to end. I truly do wish to see what you could do within 12 hours, heck even 6 hours would be a spectacle to see. A wonderful piece and I thank you for letting us hear it.

DeForestB responds:

Thank you for a review from one of newground's "officials" :D

I think I'll post more music, even though I'm in the process of a music deal right now... :]

Pretty Nifty

It's not really a dance track as it is an ambient song. However it is quite the interesting number. I will say that it does make a good dance song to dance to, I could picture people dancing to this in my head. All the beats were nice and I actually thought this flowed quite well. My only complaint is it seems a bit repetitive and needs to be experimented with more.

Box-Killa responds:

:D And i just upgraded this song with lots of experimentation so listen again lol! Oh as soon as it finishes uploading :D

You're Right... More Can Be Done

Although chances are you'll be able to perfect it, I truly do like it the way it is. Everything just moves so smoothly together. It's actually beautiful to hear. However it is a bit repetitive, not a bad thing, but not exactly my style either.

I like what you got set up here, and with a splash of creativity you can create something wonderfully superb! Might I suggest the addition of strings somewhere, it may sound weird, but I think it could work for this song.

WritersBlock responds:

All suggestions are welcome! Thanks for the review. I haven't done much with this song in a while, but, given the right ideas, I'd love to kick this through to finish.


This certainly is an awesome piece and one I would love to use myself with permission of course. The beats were layed down in such a happy and upbeat manner. It just works perfectly!

Turning-Japanese responds:

Ah, sorry I didn't see this. If you still want to, you're more than welcome to use the song. Thanks for asking, and thanks for the review!

Very Classy

Certainly very classy. I enjoyed this piece very much. By taking the melody of a clock and giving it flare you certainly made a wonderful dance track. It is also one where shorter is better than longer... it didn't drag out too long either which I like.

Overall you made a very fun dance song. Keep up the good work man.

DJ-Chilvan responds:

haha, thanx! It's like i might do a remake maybe next year or when i get the time.

Certainly Not The Best

But it is quite average. The beats were all nicely chosen and I love the use of piano, but it was just way too repetitive. You really could've played with this a lot more and really made it beyond recognition.

RayRayBeats responds:

I agree. It's quite lazy of me.

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