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Breathtakingly Unbelievable

This is probably your best work yet. Out of all the songs you've done I believe you've come up with what I would call your true masterpiece. You stated wait until 1:30 and the patience is rewarded. A magnificent dance song... indeed a magnificent dance song. Excellent work.

RenoakRhythm responds:

wow thank you so much!

Excellent Work

I thought of this piece as outstanding and is certainly a very calming piece so you did deliver upon your actions. All I can say is this certainly has put my mind at a bit of ease. A superb job indeed. I can't wait to see some more great things from you within the future.

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kchrules responds:


Random and Catchy

This is certainly a hilarious song. I wouldn't mind using this myself for something. Your singing mixed with the effects are quite superb. I suggest you put this song in the Review Request Club and get other people's opinions. Certainly a fun song to listen to.

HolyKonni responds:

thank you very much!!

Quite Good

It is repetitive at some points, but other than that it is a very enjoyable Techno song. My only complaint had to be the end because you didn't finish big, just with repetitive notes at the end. I was expecting some kind of finale, but was dissappointed. Once again you should've really played around with this more than you did, but it is still enjoyable.

alix1 responds:

Thanks for the review!

I Enjoyed This

The small build-up at the beginning and the whole song came together so smoothly. The title certainly did fit the song very well. I picture shooting stars flying through the sky on a warm Summer night. You have made quite the enjoyable song here today. Bravo!

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FairSquare responds:

Thanks! :D

Repetitive and Boring

Honestly this quite bland. There was really nothing here. I read your description of the poem you made here and was surprised that the song had nothing to do with the poem. So what was the point of posting the poem? As for the song itself like I said it was boring. No notes really stuck out because of your repetitive notes that you had placed. All in all you didn't give a whole lot for a four minute song, you could've experimented with this more than you did. Take this song and add more, possibly some strings here or there.

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alix1 responds:

All right. Ummmm.. I need to learn how to make some violin ore something sound good. I'm sorry it was boring..


Simply outstanding. It is simple yet very fun and catchy as well. I quite enjoyed this song, to be honest I really enjoyed this song. I see a ship of pirates sailing for many treasures stealing from people and causing havoc. It's like a title theme for a good old fashioned Saturday morning cartoon. Superb work and keep it up.

Cydrius responds:

Thanks for the compliment! I'll do my best!

A bit jumbled

I think this is an experiment for you and it turned out quite well, it was a bit jumbled in some points, but at other points it was quite enjoyable. Really enjoyable actually. I felt like I was in a video game while listening to this. All I can say is keep up the great work.

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itsameyayo responds:

Hmm, jumbled? I wish you could have explained a little more on that, but that's okay. It might be because of all the different styles I meshed together. Some of the transitions are sudden, some are flowing.

-Well thank you for this review! I will definitely keep up the great work and hope that I can do well in Nashville, lol.


Quite Good

This is indeed quite good. It's a nice dark song, but still light where it needed to be. It is a bit odd, but that is something I like. This has many good uses if given the right material. Your guitar work was also quite nice in this song, everything came together quite nicely. My only complaint was the guitar work at the beginning, it just didn't sound right. Other than that it's perfect.

NeverHundred responds:

thank you. The begginning is just some lead guitar I opened with, but unlike most of my lead guitar I can still recreate it on guitar, so it was something I composed and practiced. I suppose that might sound a little bit off becuase I don't have the greatest recording conditions all the time, so maybe the recording quality is a little differant or off.

My 400th Audio Review

It's amazing. My 300th Audio Review was also one of your submissions. Once again you have astounded me, this time through loop form which is amazing because it loops perfectly and makes you think you're still listening to a long song. I wouldn't mind hearing the original version of this song.

Bosa responds:

Was it 400th or 300th? Anyways, I'm glad you've made such a huge contribution to this site and the audio portal. Kudos to you!

Also, thanks for taking the time to review some of my music and I am currently working on the extended version of this song.

See you around,

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