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As We Were There...

We walked along the soft grass that was laid beautifully across our island. The enchanted thoughts we had. A divine escape from reality we formed. Our island was a garden of tranquility and no matter how far apart we may be we will always remember our garden.

I loved this piece very much as I do all of your work. This song has brought out the romantic side of me once again and has given me more thoughts to think about once again. Great job by you and LadyArsenic, my kind words to her too on this magnificent piece.


MaestroRage responds:

Thank you TGO. Your story was magnificent and well written as always. Lady's work brings out a lot of new inspirations and energies in me as well, which is why I am so thankful to be working with her!

We are glad you liked it, thank you kindly for the review!


The entire tale of P-Bot is simply astounding. It is a grim and dark tale indeed and I enjoy sitting back and putting it altogether in my mind. It would be quite fascinating to see a Newgrounds user make a flash using this audio and adapt the same story you've given. Everything twisting and turning within a nice range, it is absolutely evil. The dark side of P-Bot. Excellent work as always.


MaestroRage responds:

It was a fun story to tell TGO! I don't normally do things like this and heck it was time the bot has it's time to shine ;D! I was planning on doing an entire suite for all the bots, but I just don't have that kind of time. So I took the most important bot, and gave him a tribute.

I do wonder what this would be like if it were animated. I guess we can always dream eh?! For now, I just hope people enjoy it!

Thank you for the review, i'm glad you liked it!


No matter how long the moment is, will it last forever? At some cases yes it will last forever. The greatness and power is not seen through the lives of two lovers. Passion is not just a common emotion, it is an emotion that many of us feel, many of us have, and many of us don't know we had. You've composed such beauty in this piece and you've made me think a lot about my life... and someone else.

sorohanro responds:

very poetic words, never knew that my music can make people think like this ...
thanx, i really apreciate


You've made the perfect example of a loop! At least 30 seconds long, over a minute loop which really gets me and it loops perfectly! Bravo good sir, bravo indeed! I see great things for your future, great things indeed!

sorohanro responds:

i apreciate your feedback, is so nice when someone take the time to tell you he apreciate your work ...

How Marvelous!

It all fits together so perfectly! It gives off that vide of a theme. I enjoyed this very much. Yet again suberb work.

sorohanro responds:

that's kind of old
my first serious musical project i made on computer
thanx for reviewing my stuff
glad you like it

Calmly Intense

I don't see it as the fighting scene I see it as preparations for the fight. The soldiers all getting ready, ready for what? They don't know... ready to die, they hope not. They can only hope to see the next day and hate to the choice of ending someone else's tomorrow. I loved this audio I really did, you moved it so well and I must say you've moved me. I can only hope to see more from you.


sorohanro responds:

thanx for review
"The soldiers all getting ready, ready for what? They don't know... ready to die, they hope not."
well, that was made for a theatre play and ... they all die in the end ...
so much for hope :))

glad you like it (i have more)


A high anticipation audio that I have come to enjoy quite well. You've done very well for yourself when creating this audio, I enjoyed every second of it. Superb work my good sir superb work indeed.

jiggitysmith responds:

Thank you kind sir, much obliged!


Quite catchy if I do say so myself. Good for an opening theme or credits even. I must say it really isn't much of a loop per say, but it is a nice audio. I do enjoy this and chances are I might use it. Keep up the good work.


Chaz responds:

Thanks for the review buddy, means alot!

Better than Minor.

This one is better than the (Minor) one you put up. I say consider making it a little bit longer though at least 1 Minute. Other than that great job!

WritersBlock responds:

Well, it was a request from a guy in a collab, and he only needed about 5 seconds. I was going to make it longer, but I think it works as a really short loop (in small doses). Thanks for the review.

It's very good...

I like how you came in slow with it. Also the long time you took to bring it in shows greatness. It really does. My good sir you are a genius. Whichever fan suggested this to you really knows what is expected of you.

The-MickMad responds:

I really really thank you for being the first person commenting on my last work,and for greatly appreciating it! :)

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