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Calmly Intense

I don't see it as the fighting scene I see it as preparations for the fight. The soldiers all getting ready, ready for what? They don't know... ready to die, they hope not. They can only hope to see the next day and hate to the choice of ending someone else's tomorrow. I loved this audio I really did, you moved it so well and I must say you've moved me. I can only hope to see more from you.


sorohanro responds:

thanx for review
"The soldiers all getting ready, ready for what? They don't know... ready to die, they hope not."
well, that was made for a theatre play and ... they all die in the end ...
so much for hope :))

glad you like it (i have more)


A high anticipation audio that I have come to enjoy quite well. You've done very well for yourself when creating this audio, I enjoyed every second of it. Superb work my good sir superb work indeed.

jiggitysmith responds:

Thank you kind sir, much obliged!


Quite catchy if I do say so myself. Good for an opening theme or credits even. I must say it really isn't much of a loop per say, but it is a nice audio. I do enjoy this and chances are I might use it. Keep up the good work.


Chaz responds:

Thanks for the review buddy, means alot!

Better than Minor.

This one is better than the (Minor) one you put up. I say consider making it a little bit longer though at least 1 Minute. Other than that great job!

WritersBlock responds:

Well, it was a request from a guy in a collab, and he only needed about 5 seconds. I was going to make it longer, but I think it works as a really short loop (in small doses). Thanks for the review.

It's very good...

I like how you came in slow with it. Also the long time you took to bring it in shows greatness. It really does. My good sir you are a genius. Whichever fan suggested this to you really knows what is expected of you.

The-MickMad responds:

I really really thank you for being the first person commenting on my last work,and for greatly appreciating it! :)

The Mystic Night

Not a cloud in the sky above. Just the moon and the stars. These two sit side by side who love one another but fear that the other doesn't. Their eyes lock and not knowing what they kiss. A mystic feeling of anything but the ordinary. Love... something so strong that no one can break it... if it is true love no one can break it.

This song is great, and I would like to say I only write stories in my reviews to MaestroRage's music, but something overcame me and told me to write this. You have created yet another beautiful audio. I am happy to say that I am one of your fans now. I also need to say that I understand a lot after listening to this audio... it isn't you who should thank me for this review and my vote, it is I who should thank you for helping me realize why I couldn't sleep for many nights. Thank You. Superb work on this audio indeed... only hope and prayer can keep you going. Share your gifts with the world.

beefsoup91 responds:

Thanks i really appreciate it. Newgrounds needs more people like you.

I Know What You Mean

This audio loop fits such a situation perfectly... boring, bland, nothingness, while inside the store your friend is having the time of their life. But remember you will soon come across a store you love and they hate so they have to wait. This audio was boring and did have a funny sound to it, which is what it is supposed to be. Great job and keep up the good work.

Dark-Frando responds:

I actually found this song playing in my head whilst waiting for a newgrounds movie to load up. Man, I've cursed myself -_-;

Thanks for reviewing!

It's Superbly Perfect

I see visions dance around in my head that twist and bend within my mind. I like this piece I really do. Your improvisation with the title choice match perfectly. For no one man or woman knows where a dream will go next and that is what makes this audio perfect in every single way. There is nothing left out and nothing that needs adding. I suggest though you don't overdo improvisation when submitting audio here though... you'll end up killing what good you got from this if you do. I suggest you record an improvisation and listen to it to see what you can add and take out. Other than that great job on this audio. I really enjoyed listening to it... it gave me a sense of peace amongst myself.

DPK4 responds:

This is quite perhaps, the best response I have ever gotten from anyone about my works, after submitting to several places, you have by far given the best review I could ever receive for this track. I appreciate the kind words and criticism you've given for my pieces. I will definitely take a look into making another improvisation and then rework it from there. But as you said, I don't believe I could ever change this piece. It would feel... wrong... no matter how much cleaner it'd sound... Words do not express how much joy it gives me to hear people experiencing my music first hand. I guess I'm not used to it much at all really. ^^; haha!

Thank you again, I'll hold this dear to me as you did to my piece.

Dedication to Friends... A Serene Gift of All

I too do not know of the story you're telling, but I do see the laughter of two minds together. Two souls of the dark who now see the light when they look for it.

I don't know if I can write anything for this, but I sense a friendship in this I really do. It is strong... through mighty and glory it is strong... I do believe it will strengthen through time and as all know only time will tell of those who wish to see the future. Another great audio by you my good sir. Also to LadyArsenic my regards as well.

MaestroRage responds:

Thank you for your kind words TGO. We do often laugh, and the story in question is actually about a studio that we have decided to buy on an island. It will also have a moose living on it somewhere. The moose was not my idea, but she seems to want to ride one before she dies so why not have one on there :D?!

We can only wait like you said, and see what the future holds in store. Until then, what more can we do but continue our work?

Thank you for the review, i'm glad you liked it!

Astounding Presence of Greatness

I see a young man... he walks down a hall of heroes and legends. He sees the great work that others have created in the past. He sees what they have done and know that someday he shall grace the wall with these valiant ones. A Hall of Fame is not what this is, but a Hall of Greatness... a hall of men and women who are not mere mortals.

This piece is greatness in itself and could be used for a lot of things... I see somewhat of a celtic feel to it, I can see why this is your favorite piece out of many that you've made... it takes you away to a place that you're not sure about, but know when you return you will return with greater knowledge than when you entered.

MaestroRage responds:

A hall of greatness eh? I sometimes wonder, if heroes ever act more aggressively knowing that their actions would one day inspire the youth of tomorrow? I mean consider it, if they are truly going to shape the world for the better, knowing that they will be studied later would they act more nobly then they believe purely to set a better example?

It's a thought which kind of degrades a hero's image, yet if it achieves better results should we care?

Sorry, meaningless rant, but your little snippet got me thinking! Thanks for the review TGO, i'm glad you liked it!

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