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Darkness Within Light

The beginning shows peaceful tranquil thoughts of a kind of happy town. Then the dark bells begin to toll as shadows come down upon those and when the piano enters it stables a well thought out mini-battle between good and evil. Very good piece, but a little unorganized.

Turning-Japanese responds:

That's quite a bit of imagery you took from this - I'm glad you liked it! Thanks for your review.


It's like some possesed clown tetris! Like Clowns are about to kill you or something. Very good effect though in your audio.

JB-Productions responds:


Not Bad...

Very good. You actually know how to make a remix of a song. Ever think about remixing a Daft Punk song?

JB-Productions responds:

erm.... dont reli know any daft punk songs??? any ideas..n ill be happy to have a go

Good Ole' Southern Pride!

It's nice to see some people still hold to good old fashioned southern music. You really should do some more Bluegrass music, in fact why not try and recreate "Dueling Banjos". Just a thought if you were wondering. Very well done!

|| Audio Points ||
Total : 13/10
Beat : 2/2
Length : 3/3
Sound : 4/4
Audio : 1/1
Extra : 3/5

Bosa responds:

Hm.. good idea. I might give it a shot.

Background or Credits

This works very well for a game or even a flash movie. Simple Rock. Keep up the good work.

No1r responds:

Hey, thanks for listening, The-Great-One :)

A story unfolds...

The Beginning of the end so to speak. It tells of a funeral, or men coming to the battle front. It may be short, but it's kind of like an introductory piece really.

Great Job.

Karco responds:

Nothing to add... and, actually, this is the ending of a longer song. Hah! Thanks for the review, glad you like it. :)

I Have a title for you...

Call it "Mirror."

A man who wakes up at 7:54 A.M. every morning of everyday and looks in the mirror as the person he is. Eats breakfast at exactly 8:12 A.M. arrives at work at 8:58 everyday works until 5:03 P.M. everyday and goes home. Eats dinner at 8:07 P.M. everyday, showers at 9:33 P.M., looks in the mirror at what he has become and the daily routine that he follows the curse that haunts him within his circle, and he goes to bed at 11:34 P.M. every night. He dreams of the dreams that he may be lifted of such curse, but when he awakes at 7:54 A.M. he knows it is just a dream and goes about not really seeing the true person with the mirror and he can not resolve it in anyway.

Beautiful classical piece by the way. It tells me a story of worlds untold and releases my creativity, as you see above. I like it very much. Greatness flows through your mind and you should be thankful to have it.


Karco responds:

Interesting title and interesting story, The-Great-One. The only thing the title doesn't fit is my inspiration - otherwise, I like it. :) Same goes for the story. Something struck me about your ending: You might not have had this in mind but it ends, for the most part, in the same way it begins - and the note (literally) this song ends on is not only the same one that it starts with, but also played by the same instrument.

Heh, what compliments! :D I wouldn't call it greatness as much as I'd call it Musical talent and creativity. Hah! It's good to know some people like my songs that much. Glad you like my song, thanks for reviewing.

Very nice...

This is very good. You are an inspiring audio maker.
You're going up in the world and you're going up with Classical, Techno, and Trance all at the same time.

J-YaN responds:

Thank you very much! appreciate it ;) x

Come on and Happy Walk

Let's all do a happy walk to this festive little tune. I really like this tune. Very simple, happy, and good title to go with it.

Bosa responds:

Hee hee! There is a show called Mr. Benn, find it.

Not What I Expected

This was a nice little piece. Good for credits or an intro (small intro anyways). Maybe you should make it a little bit longer though, for those with long credits.

LfunkeyA responds:

thanks for the review. im just really depressed now, this is more like carbon dioxide, not like oxygen. But its carbon dioxide that reactivates you. Maybe someday i'll breathe again. I'll think about it, maybe I'll extend this piece a little.

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