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Well I thought you could have put a little bit more of effort into this. I mean it wasn't what I was really expecting. It is a compelling piece don't get me wrong, but it needed something more, something else.

Klace responds:

Heyhey, thanks for the review and the rating, I completely agree with everything you just said, this was my first foray into original classical piano.

Very Nice...

Could've been a little longer, but very nice still. I like it very much. It tells a story of a convicted man walking to the gallows. (That's what it tells me at least).

You're going places my friend and you're going there fast.

JakesFable responds:

I do sure hope I am man, Thanks alot ;)

Don't listen to previous reviewer

Of course this is going to be repetitive it's a Techno song! I like this. I may use it in a game some time.

IcyDeath responds:

Me happy!! lol. I dont have much experience in making music but my next song is going to be better than this :3
It's meant to be techno so its beat change is really low.. oh well, up to the next song :) (btw, my english may be weird lol, practising on it ;) )

Dance like a Dragon!

This is a very happy tune I must say. I love Celtic music! It's the bluegrass music of the medieval times, behind all that fancy-pansy puffy wig shit. You did an excellent job on this piece.

Great Job!

Bosa responds:

Hee hee! A true Scot. You're talking my language!

The New Time shall begin with Rain

Soothing song indeed, I like it very much. Nice sweet simple and it loops almost perfectly which is a nice add on. This deserves to be a X2 Platinum Track.

Bosa responds:

Thanks, man! Simple is good sometimes.

Long live the Irish!

I loved the Bagpipes at the beginning man, and switching to the flute was a bit sudden and didn't make all much sense, but is resourceful.

Try a full out bagpipe tune next time.

Bosa responds:

Well, good thinking. I believe that'll be my next track. Yet, I'm gonna have to rest after I created "Your Prelude" that song took alot out of me.

Tears from the Heavens

This piece should get a Platinum Track at the least. It is very touching and beautiful in it's own way. Two thumbs up.

Bosa responds:

Glad we see eye to eye.


This sounds more like a Dance and Trance then just Trance. I still like it though. Very good for a party. I'm sorry to here your account has been deleted.

Dj-PinkWalrus responds:

hey thanks for the positive review, but yeah, it seems that every time i submit a new song, it gets zero voted right off the bat. I actually switched accounts a while back because the same thing kept happening, but i guess there's nothing you can do about that..... that is, i assume you were talking about the zero voting when you said my account was deleted... kinda confusing. Anyways, i can kinda see how this would be a dance song as well, but it takes quite a while to get to that part. Because of your kind words, I will check out your music starting... now!


You just copied your own audio. You took your "Look We're Flying" piece and just remixed it. Nice job anyways, could be used for credits in a game.

Setu-Firestorm responds:

Yes, I composed a variation. This piece is going to the Hoshima animation project I'm working on. "Look We're Flying" and "I Feel So Alone" were also pieces intended to show up in this same OST.

Another Grand Masterpiece.

Excellent Work MaestroRage, as always you take music to the next level of classic. By the way how's the song coming for my story "The Right Thing."

Great song by the way.

Robert Lee Haney
(P.S. I don't know if you've checked your e-mail, but I've changed my NG Alias for the last time. It is now The-Great-One.)

MaestroRage responds:

Heh, okay I got it down. If you have any more name changing planned do tell me ;).

The song for your piece is slowly coming to fruitation. I'm sorry I havn't put as much effort into it as I would like to, but time is a luxery I can no longer find... especially these next two weeks with final exams and all.

In any case, thank you for the review, i'm glad you liked the piece ^^.

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