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Very Beautiful Indeed

This orchestra sounds a bit happy. A very nice tribute and a great song to listen to. All in all I gave me a happy feeling while listening to it. You did a superb job with the strings I must say. You should certainly do more orchestras in the future... perhaps something with a French Horn?

Dj-Flux responds:

French horn is pretty specific.

I'm sure I'll have the entire orchestra at my disposal to make another piece.


It's just a really boring dance song. Nothing more needs to be said. It was way too repetitive and although the tempo changed (had to wait forever for that) it still wasn't that entertaining to listen to. It made me drowsy to be honest and not in a good way either.

jayther responds:

Haha, I didn't know what genre this song exactly belongs to. What do you recommend?

And yeah, it's not really supposed to be much of an upbeat song. Just some easy listening. It was made for a dance thing, but it's really more of something to just listen to when relaxing.

Sounds Forest

Certainly sounds forest, but I probably see it more being used for a town or even like a building level of some sort. A great 8-Bit song overall and it loops perfectly!

krssvr responds:

i couldnt find what it sounded like so i just decided forest in a split second

More Could've Been Done

I enjoy simple, but this was a bit boring. You could've played around with this more than you did. I beg you to take this and add more to it. It was just way too repetitive even for a loop.

ssanthodd responds:

Thanks for the review :D I'll try adding some more on when i have some time. This is just rough draft for now.

Not Bad

For your first loop not bad. However I don't think you really made the Jolly Roger Bay theme all that great, and it doesn't really loop well. This song isn't an easy one to tackle at though.

Your beginning wasn't bad it's just well 0:23 is when it got bad and didn't really go that great. I think you can nail this song, it just takes practice. All I can say is don't give up and give it another go.

pacmancorp responds:

well in case you haven't noticed the NG player doesnt loops well ive tested it

Breathtakingly Unbelievable

This is probably your best work yet. Out of all the songs you've done I believe you've come up with what I would call your true masterpiece. You stated wait until 1:30 and the patience is rewarded. A magnificent dance song... indeed a magnificent dance song. Excellent work.

RenoakRhythm responds:

wow thank you so much!

Excellent Work

I thought of this piece as outstanding and is certainly a very calming piece so you did deliver upon your actions. All I can say is this certainly has put my mind at a bit of ease. A superb job indeed. I can't wait to see some more great things from you within the future.

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kchrules responds:


Random and Catchy

This is certainly a hilarious song. I wouldn't mind using this myself for something. Your singing mixed with the effects are quite superb. I suggest you put this song in the Review Request Club and get other people's opinions. Certainly a fun song to listen to.

HolyKonni responds:

thank you very much!!

Quite Good

It is repetitive at some points, but other than that it is a very enjoyable Techno song. My only complaint had to be the end because you didn't finish big, just with repetitive notes at the end. I was expecting some kind of finale, but was dissappointed. Once again you should've really played around with this more than you did, but it is still enjoyable.

alix1 responds:

Thanks for the review!

I Enjoyed This

The small build-up at the beginning and the whole song came together so smoothly. The title certainly did fit the song very well. I picture shooting stars flying through the sky on a warm Summer night. You have made quite the enjoyable song here today. Bravo!

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FairSquare responds:

Thanks! :D

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