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Very Nice

This was very nicely done, in fact you should think about turning this into a sort of game. The animation wasn't all that great, it was good, but could've used more work. Also Stick Figures fighting within this Tetris Deathtrap would've really been awesome, but this was still good either way around.

|| Good Points ||
*Nice Idea
*Good Animation
*Great Sound

|| Bad Points ||
*Could've Used More Work
*Done At A Slow Pace

IceyDrummer responds:

Ya i actually thought about that but i wanted certain people to die certain ways and i kind of killed them all off pretty early so i couldn't really have they fight but i decided that yellow and blue would work together til' blue wanted to go a different way...

Not Bad...but not Good.

Okay I can get passed the whole Corneil & Bernie thing to review this flash fairly. Now then your stick figures aren't too bad, they could've used more work back then, but I do believe you've improved over time. I suggest writing your own material though or find a writer on Newgrounds to write your stuff for you, you shouldn't be taking characters from other shows unless you plan on making them into a very funny parody.

|| Good Points ||
*Okay stick figures
*Good Sound
*Okay Story
*Okay Animation

|| Bad Points ||
*Bad Artwork

bernie-buddy responds:

What part of OLD FLASH MOVIE did you not under stand?!

A Good Start...

The story is good and interesting and follows with the animation. It makes sense and I love it! I also can't wait for the next part of this series. Your sound and animation were smooth and so was your animations, but the story really didn't catch me completely... all I can say is I want to see more of this series.

|| Good Points ||
*Great Animation
*Great Sound

|| Bad Points ||
*Story Not All That Great

Miren2k responds:

cool thanks for the review - its weird though, other people have said the complete opposite: bad animation - but very good concept and story

i appreciate your review - il just try improve everything as much as i can as i get on in the world of animating perhaps have a story you can more easily relate to in my next one aswel

Not bad...

Not bad at all...for a video though your graphics were kinda bad, but still good. I love your parody of the iphone and can offer new ideas to you also (Check for PM). The concept is great and for a video your sound quality is superb. Just one question, at the very end what was the message?

|| Good Points ||
*Good for a Video
*Great Sound

|| Bad Points ||
*Quality kinda bad

Bluedude1044 responds:

Sorry about the quality. It was because the file was to big. And it said "in stores never"

Keep Trying...

Ths sound was off, but you did tell us of that. I can see the work you put into it, but more of an effort wouldn't kill ya either. Your animation good use more work and please if you make another one, make it longer. Other than that it was okay, you just have a nice bit of room to improve.

|| Good Points ||
*It was okay

|| Bad Points ||
*Too short
*Animation needs work
*Sound needs work

mamacaddyhat responds:

Yep, I didnt know how to change the sound, i did try.

anyway thanks for the review, much appreciated! ;)

Whoa Bad...

Well, your sprite skills are good, but it seems when it comes to ideas and the times here on Newgrounds you're late. Now then for one the Numa Numa Craze is over, same with the jokes, plus I believe you've taken the idea from Robot Chicken or Skittles N' Bitz (in which Skittles N' Bitz is just Robot Chicken with Sprites). Plus you gave this the wrong title, this is just random sprites formed to try and be Skittles N' Bitz, not Bloopers. I think you need a writer to write your material for you... or you need to work harder on your concept of comedy.

|| Good Points ||
*Good with Sprites

|| Bad Points ||
*Wrong Title
*A Basic Ripoff of Skittles N' Bitz
*Not Funny

PaperBat responds:

Robot Chicken, Im A Huge fan, thats why i made this, Do YOU complain to the creaotr of Skittlez and Bits about ow he copys robot chicken?

Where Have I Seen This Before?

Oh yeah...well on a personal note I should tell you that your obsession over a cartoon show that nobody likes is unhealthy. Now then making a flash of just techno music and moving clip art with an annoying background is just spamming the portal with flash that people don't won't to see. Now then I've seen this before so let me refresh some people's memories... oh yeah Kitty Krew and Star Syndicate, except without the dicks. Come on man, try more!

|| Good Points ||

|| Bad Points ||
*Nothing but Animated Clip Art
*Annoying Music
*Like A Kitty Krew Flash

bernie-buddy responds:

I will have you know that "Corneil & Bernie" is a well liked cartoon, your review was abusive, and overall, you do not act mature enough, it is just a flash i made, in fact, it's the very first flash i submitted to newgrounds.

Not Good...

This was not a good sprite movie. The storyline fell apart, and the battle scenes were boring. You need to work on your sprite work some more and hire a writer. This isn't good, but trial and error can fix your problem.

|| Good Points ||
*Sound was good

|| Bad Points ||
*Need work on Sprites
*Storyline was bad

Bstuk2 responds:

The sound took up most the filesize, so the sound quality was really good. I am making sprites for the next one.

Nicely Done

Your work with sprites could use some more work, but for this being your first flash movie with sprites I'd say it's pretty good. With the two first enemies you put in makes the storyline superb. I can't wait until P2. Also just a question...will more partners be joining Mario and Luigi? Yet anyways, your sound, sprites, and story are all good. Keep up the good work!

ikool responds:

thanx very munch!


Pure short flash movie genius. Flea Market. This song gets stuck in your head very quickly, very quickly indeed. I love this flash!

Kyora-Mishiso responds:

That's the point. It is the epitomy of EVILLLLL.
Thanks for <3ing it.

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