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It's a nice concept, but you could've done more work into it and made each character do something different. I like the idea of it, you could really turn this into a video game with Google taking over the big time websites.

|| Good Points ||
*Nice Idea
*Could Be A Video Game
*Great Graphics
*Great Sound

|| Bad Points ||
*Got A Little Boring

Emptygoddess responds:

Could have. You didn't really need to watch every single one though. I'm sorry if you did. Terribly sorry. If I could give you that time back I would.

Fat...Cat...Sat...Hat...DAMN YOU FOR RHYMING!

You did a great job on this flash. This song is very addicting and rhyming is excellent, and it gets stuck in your head...fed...Dammit! It gets stuck in your...well it's just addicting let's just put it at that.

|| Good Points |||
*Nice choice of song
*Great on Graphics
*Very Addicting
*Love the extra part at the end

|| Bad Points ||

Lord-Sonx responds:

red head fed bread!

Stepping Up

Well the Kitty Krew is actually going up the ladder. Very nice and very funny I must say. There must be more you can do with Newgrounds and Commercials. Maybe more GEICO stuff?

|| Good Points ||
*Potential for Series
*Good for the Kitty Krew

|| Bad Points ||
(none) believe it or not

KGB-Kitty responds:


Dude that's pretty good.

This is pretty good. Don't pay attention to the sprite haters out there. I know that it takes time and effort to make sprite movies. This was pretty good, but you could've had a story behind it. Maybe you should think out your flash next time. I love the idea of Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi, on an adventure, but you need a reason why, you need a story.

|| Good Points ||
*Great with pixels
*Nice choice of music
*Could've been a little more humorous

|| Bad Points ||
*Needs a storyline

John12346 responds:

Thanks, but I don't use subtitles in my movies, so it would be pretty hard to make a storyline, so I try to let the action do the talking. However, after the recent success of Mario- The Time War, I'm kind of considering putting a storyline in with subtitles. I just don't use them because when you make the characters talk on your own, people seem like they're listening to the flash creator, and not the character, so I think it would be best to stay with voice .wavs and no subtitles.

I hope I didn't bore you; thanks for the review.


Not bad for a test.

Not bad for a test. You do good with the lipsyncing, I say you should first finish this flash to include the whole song, and continue making more music videos. Heck you can go to the Audio Portal and get a great song called Microwavable Meal, that'll be a challenge.

|| Good Points ||
*Good with lipsyncing
*Good with Animation
*Good with song choice
*Not bad for a test

|| Bad Points ||
*Needs to be finished

Carbonwater responds:

Everything has it's faults.

Pretty Good for a Beginner.

This isn't too shabby for a beginner. If you keep up your skills you could become the next Randy Solem or MajinPiccolo. Keep up the good work.

|| Good Points ||
*Not bad with Sprites for a beginner
*Not bad with sound for a beginner

|| Bad Points ||
*With more work you could excel

Glunnator responds:

Big words! And fair-enough scoring. Plus, you're absolutely right - More work is needed x3

Short and Simple

I like it. It's short, sweet, and simple. It could've been a little longer, but I still like it the way it is.

|| Good Points ||
*Good Violence
*Good Graphics
*Nice Sound Effects
*Short and Simple

|| Bad Points ||
*Could've been longer

Glunnator responds:

Now this is something I like to see - you tell me what could be different. I can learn from this. (well, no, that's not true, because I knew already that it was a bitty short ^^)
Thanks :)


That's what it sounded like to me in that song. Very weird and very random, short story which is good. I like it.

|| Good Points ||
*Nice and Random
*Good choice of song
*Weird and Random

|| 50 / 50 ||
*Too short, unless the song is short, then it's understandable.

Iheersad responds:

i will find longer song.

Everyone Dies The End!

This is really great! But you need sound to make it better. This was a great flash that you made.

Noodle-Freak responds:

Yay! I got a decent review! I wish more people were as kind...

Improvement is it's own reward!

Well after Mario Bloopers 1 and 2 I'd say that #3 is by far the best. The jokes were funny and understandable, especially the last Blooper. But I only have one question...I didn't understand Bloopers 1 and 4, could you explain those too me? Other than that, great job!


Platinum Medal

BepsiWay responds:

Well with the first one it has him running. Then the lights turn off and you can only see his eyes. Then the light turns back on and it's only his eyes there not his whole body.

With the fourth one he jumps in the pipe and gets cannon shot out the other one and the last bit at the end of blooper 4 is just random thing I put in there. =)

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