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Very Nice

Quite mellow. Very soft and sweet. However you label this as a loop when it isn't really a loop. Overall I like what you brought here in terms of melody. Excellent work.

John5454 responds:

Thanks for the review. Glad to know you like it and it was soft enough. I'm not a fan of soft songs, but I did because I was bored, and because of my song. I wanted to hear what it sounded like soft, without all the major guitar rifts and whatnot. Thanks again. John

Nice and Simple

I liked it. It was short sweet and to the point, it doesn't exactly loop, but through editing magic that can be fixed. Overall I can picture this being used for some tutorial or instructions or even in just a basic run of the mill town or villa. Awesome job.

mrmcduts responds:

yeah i think for some reason the first step was taken out :(

So The Story Ends

As a wise man said, all good stories must come to end. The song and the story you have put with it are both beautiful. However I am here to judge this song. I have written stories for each song of your "Farmland" series and sadly I cannot bring myself to write one here. I can't really describe why I enjoy this song, but at the same time I want to so badly. To lose everything and still have someone there for you... it must be a wonderful feeling.

Bosa responds:

Well said, my friend. It's not important to focus on the treasures of this earth, where moth and dust corrupts.

Pretty Cool

I love it. It sounds like a song I would probably hear the game "Dungeon Explorer" or "Ys Book I & II" in which had fantastic music. I just see the epic quest of valiant heroes through a perilous dungeon or field of common that which by night terror strides through it.

Overall I loved the song, the beginning kind of worried me a little bit, but it just ending up being very smooth and quaint while being a strong song as well.

ScottDHall responds:

Hey thanks!

I can definetly see what you see---both the strange start of the music itself, and the epic feel of adventure throughout.

The Jesus Rises when Hank Falls

Yes this makes for the perfect theme for Jesus in the Madness series. I can just see him fighitng off Hank and commanding his legion of followers to destory this perpetual one man army sent from the depths of hell. Another wonderful heavy metal piece by you that certainly brings that Madness vibe to the table. Excellent work.

HighBallers responds:

Thank you Brah

Epic in a Can

I can't think of no other way to describe it. I can just see Hank plowing through enemy after enemy and even knocking down the Clown. However the fight against Jesus will not be easy and it will not be one that he can overcome easily. The song got a bit repetitive here and there, but overall it is a fantastic heavy metal song with that Madness vibe wrapped up into it. Oh yeah and it loops perfectly.

MtZion responds:

Thanks for the review!
Wow i think this is the most positive review i have. thanks alot! and glad you liked it!
I think the perfect loops results to the end not having any reverb. I think that's what you hear being cut off every time you hear a non-perfect loop.
But seriously thanks alot for the review. this is the kind of stuff that keeps me making music. :D

Pretty Damn Good

It is a bit repetitive at the beginning, but after that it all comes together quite nicely. It doesn't exactly loop well, but it's still not a bad little loop. You did good.

MtZion responds:

Thanks for the review!
yeah the looping thing didn't quite work out. Garageband09 doesn't have a wrap remainder option like FL, so i couldn't really make it work out. i'll try harder in the future to try and create a wrap remainder solution in Garageband09.
Glad you liked it. :)

In The Jungle

I felt as if I was in the Jungle. From the sound of this song I think you should take another whack at it, but next time ditch the Techno and see what you can do without it. Take a more Classical or Tribal approach to it, in other words I'm talking about a remix.

MobiusIII responds:

A remix you say? I've never tried remixing my own song before, maybe ill give it a whirl. Thanks for the review!


I remember a young fellow I suggested a song to, and he said he doubted himself as a good singer. Then I see this and all the positive replies and listens he was getting.

You sir are certainly a gift to us all. Don't stop singing, don't stop spreading your voice to the world for us to behold at what has been given to us.

Cayler responds:

Thanks for making me sound like a gift from heaven. lmao

Come Men! The Battle Is Nigh!

The gods have given them powers of fire, wind, water, and earth. They will shine true when fighting those who live for the evils and wish to abolish hope from the land. These four of power stand tall, but they cannot win alone. It is the power of those weakened by the strength of the evil that must stand tall and fight alongside these four to vanquish evil from their land for all eternity! May no vile man stay alive... for no evil shall live long while those who wish to fight will perish them from the land.

Sorry for writing that little banter, I usually write stuff for MaestroRage's songs, but this captivated me. This is the first song of yours I believe I've ever reviewed. I congratulate you good sir on making this perfect song.


DavidOrr responds:

You've got a wonderful imagination :)

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