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A Nice Concept

This was a very nice concept you have brought upon Newgrounds. However I do not believe it to be a full on useful gadget, it was interesting yes, but you could've done better. First off your menu was a bit sloppy also when you return to the menu from one feature the title music plays... plus your original music doesn't loop and besides something like this does not require music in the first place. That was my opinions on the Tools... all useful, but you do not need this gadget to do these things.

Now then your tutorial stuff was nicely done, but as for making a link to show off your other flash projects was just pointless, if people want to see more of your work they will check out your work. This is a great concept, but only if it is done right.

|| Good Points ||
*Great Concept (In Place of Story Point)
*Okay Artwork

|| Bad Points ||
*Not Really Useful
*Bad Sound

andy70707 responds:

Thanks for the review, I did sort of rush the last bits. I didn't remember it bieng this bad though, ah, well, I always look back at some of my old games and think WHY ON EARTH DID I THINK THIS OWULD GET A GOOD SCORE! Altough this is one of my better games.

Um... Okay.

I like your concept I really do, but creativity is lacking here. First off how about some sound effects, you know fire, gunshots, stickman screaming, etc. Also more of a selection of punishments as well as maybe better artwork, the lava joke wasn't that funny. You've got the concept, but not the actual base.

|| Good Points ||
*Great Idea
*Good Animation

|| Bad Points ||
*Bad Artwork
*No Sound

Interesting Attempt

I must admit that it was an interesting attempt. A gadget perhaps? Nah... this is a bit useless and it is quite boring. I'm sure you can find something else do make with a webcam feature, but until then I'm afraid I have to disable my points system for this seeing as there is practically nothing here.

|| Points Disabled ||

Quite Good.

I will admit that this was very fun to play. The animation did run quite well and the sound effects were very nice, but some background music would've been nice to have. Also the character's movement was a bit slow, could you speed that up a bit?
Other than that it was quite fun.

|| Good Points ||
*Great Animation
*Very Fun
*Great Sound

|| Bad Points ||
*No Music
*Character Moves To Slow


I'm going to point out now, this being a tutorial I'm not going to award any type of entertainment points at all. This tutorial is very informative and useful as well. You basically nailed the three basics of Newgrounds.com. The only thing I can say is this not only deserves the frontpage it deserves its own place on Newgrounds.com. I suggest you get in contact with Tom Fulp and have this flash gain it's own place on Newgrounds.

|| Masterful Tutorial ||


I must say just about everything about this game is challenging and fun! I enjoyed creating roller coasters for challenges instead of just to ride them. Plus the fact that if you think about it you can find interesting ways to kill off your customers as well, so this game is for the twisted mind as well. The background sounds were great and not having music while concentrating on your roller coaster is just wonderful.

|| Good Points ||
*Superb Artwork
*Great Animation
*Superb Interactivity
*Great Sound
*Very Fun

One problem...

This was all funny and all. You got some very good quotes from the show, this I'm impressed with. However some of the sounds were louder than the others, I spent more time changing the volume on my speakers than I was listening to the sounds. Also some sounds ended with some kind of skip at the end, it would be wise to fix this.

|| Good Points ||
*Okay Sound

|| Bad Points ||
*Sound Needs Improvement

After Many Attempts, Great Job!

You still held great animation, choices of background music, fourteen magnificent levels including a boss at the end. Now then the boss was kind of tricky to beat, but becomes quite easy to beat. The controls were also well done, although the way you did health was a little confusing, but it was more aware then the energy bar. By taking the fuel away you gave this game less of a challenge, but I think you needed to take it away. Overall you've made an outstanding game.

|| Good Points ||
*Great Sound
*Great Animation
*Superb Controls
*Challenging 6 out of 10

|| Bad Points ||

You Have Problems

First off the controls really didn't move when you wanted them to. Also a guide of what does what in the game would've been helpful due to the fact that I didn't know what to do. Also some sound effects and music would be a good thing to add into this as well. You can make everything look colorful, but as for everything else I didn't know what to do.

|| Good Points ||
*Looks Good

|| Bad Points ||
*No Sound
*No Music
*Controls Don't Work
*No Help Guide


But not good enough. You say you put a lot of effort into this when you really haven't. I suggest you make a whole hearted animation instead of just doing a simple motion tween. Although this was amusing with the 3D effect, but you still need more effort to be put into a flash.

|| Good Points ||
*3D Effect

|| Bad Points ||
*No Sound
*You Need More Effort

bernie-buddy responds:

Why do you always delete half the good points in you reviews and make up bad points? WHY?!?!?!

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