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Very Good

I do love the simplicity you have put into this really. Also the addition of other features like Halo and Mario was a very nice touch. However for a character creator I always expect something that will let you Save your Character so you may view it later or use it somewhere else. Other than that small bit I loved this gadget!

|| Good Points ||
*Great Character Creator
*Great Madness Adaption

|| Bad Points ||
*Add Feature to Save It For Later

plant-eating-cat responds:

ok thanks i will use your tips in new flashes


This needs to be turned into a series! I mean all the clues and tracking down! I really loved this game and unlike other detective games I've seen there is no time limit on here which is a great thing! The interactive features were superb and the different motives were simply amazing!

|| Good Points ||
*Superb Graphics
*Superb Quality
*Superb Gameplay
*No Time Limit
*Superb Voicing

|| Bad Points ||

Trippy and Awesome

I understand using low graphics just in case people have slow computers. This is the best man. I kept clicking one of the hammers higher and higher and got all the way to 500. I have only one question...how high can the numbers go on this. Also the music really hypnotizes you into a deep trance of thought. Excellent job on this. Please make a sequel, maybe something with triangles!

|| Good Points ||
*Great Idea
*Trippy and Fun
*Great Sound
*Graphics Work very well with this

|| Bad Points ||

Lifes-a-Bitch responds:

Glad you found it real fun. I'll make a sequal, maybe not today, or tomorrow, but I will, and it will... Erm... Er... Seizuefie, more people, and hypnotise the world! So I can have chocolate. :)


Not really the best in the world, but it was funny and random. Not bad...yet not too good either.

MarlboroLock responds:

yup, just to piss of pervs

Scary and Magnificent

It took me a good while to beat this game. The artwork and graphics were very nice and all the different ways you could get killed. You could die any minute and not get to "Play Again". Everybody should play this game so they can go through this scenario of horror. Excellent Job.

|| Good Points ||
*Great on Art
*Great on Graphics
*The Scenario Sequence was Superb
*Great Choice of Sound

|| Bad Points ||


Magnificent flash game. It's now one of my favorites. You did a magnificent job on this game, it's simplistic values are what make it great. Smileys with guns shooting each other. Brilliant! Now nothing wrong just a suggestion...maybe you could've put Health for your smiley to pick up and time to add to the clock. Also for unlockables might I suggest an "infinite ammo" item. Other than that great game.

|| Good Points ||
*Great Graphics
*Nice Game

|| Bad Points ||

|| 50/50 Points ||
*Could've used some extra items.

Needs More

For a game called Extreme Pong Pong it needs more. You need more items besides a shrinking ray. You need stuff put out onto the field like fireballs, shrink rays, speed up, slow down, two balls, and growth; I'll send you a detailed list on each. I like how you kept it simple and boosted it with colors, but not too much color which is great (red vs. blue). You have a great game and a great prototype.

|| Good Points ||
*Non-excessive colors

|| Bad Points ||
*Need more items


Alcho responds:

Thanks for your review and message. I found it very helpful.

My next game is already underway, it will have such items and more. Im thinking of making it tournament based, with an item shop to buy upgrades.

It will be fun. :)


Very amusing. Yet sick and sadistic. I like it, but you could've thought of sicker stuff

|| Good Points ||
*Nice and Bloody
*Good Graphics

|| Bad Points ||
*Needs More Torture

Very Nice

You should be an erotic writer (unless you're already one). You can write erotic stories with such passion and exotic notions that today's people understand. I salute you in your credited work. You should really write novels like this, adventure (if you wanna use that word) erotic novels. You should make another one, but try sound and a little bit more interactivity next time, other than that great job!

|| Good Points ||
*Nice Story Line
*Nice Game

|| Bad Points ||
*Needs more Interactivity
*Needs sound

moptophaha responds:

hehe...you really don't know how amusing I find that...

Oh well.

Yes, I agree, about 90% of the way through making this, I realised I had zero interactivity, so I hurredly added some, and the rest is history.

And sound is tricky, but I'll give it a shot...


Well I will say, a very beautifully drawn maze and a great prank to send someone else. I really wasn't expecting the screamer. You see this is how you're SUPPOSED to use a screamer. Also nice choice of music, going with the Forest Temple from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

|| Good Points ||
*Beautiful Maze
*Proper Use of Screamer
*Nice choice of music

|| Bad Points ||
*Only one maze

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